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Flashpoint @ Public Life, London, Tag Team w/Nick Craddock

Thursday was fun! Really enjoyed myself once things got going and I worked through the week’s stress. I thought it was great to hear the early sets from Brendan and Guy. Unexpected selections and a great way to warm things up. Nick and I tagteamed for and hour and a half and it went really well I thought. Got to drop loads of new techno, and helped the dance floor lift off. It’s recorded, so possibly online before too long. Shawn Rudiman’s set was really cool, or at least what I remmeber of it. I think it was nice to hear each segment evolving into so much of a ‘song’, versus previous efforts which felt more like an endless transition. Both are cool, but it was amazing to see this different style of arrangement on the fly (assuming I’m not just imagining this). Wish I could remember more of Matt’s set.



Substance Abuse and MF Doom – Profitless Thoughts (Street) [Fat Beats]

The Pharcyde – Soul Flower (Remix) [Delicious Vinyl]

Renaissance Records – Do it to it [Renaissance Recordings]

The Afrobutt Express – Funk Surprise [Bigger Bear]

Tony Foster – After Party [Mode Recordings]

Diviniti – Find a Way (PirahnaHead’s Intense Dub) [Women on Wax Recordings]

Omar-S – Always There [FXHE Records]

Omar S – Oasis Detroit #1 [FXHE Records]

Silvio Manuel – La Mente Oscura que es Carlo Marx (The Dark Mind that is Carlo Marx) [Ferrispark Records]

Rick Wade – Night Station [Music Is… Records]

3 Chairs – Dreamz [MRKT Chairs Publishing]

The Rotating Assembly – Them Drums [Sound Signature]

Abe Duque – What Happened? (B1) [ADR]

Joshua – Rails [Music for Freaks]

Henrik Schwarz – Marvin [Mood Music]

Henrik Schwarz – Chicago [Mood Music]

Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Warfare [Track Mode Recordings]

Just One – Love2Love [Neroli]

Freeq Unique – Mind & Soul [Bitasweet Records]

DKD – Future Rage [Bitasweet/2000 Black]

Umod – Tromboline (Domu Rmx) [Sonar Kollektiv]

Rima – Telos (Isoul8 Remix) [Compost Records]

Orgue Electronique – Here I Come (Vengo) [Crème Organization]

Etienne de Crecy – Soul Seek [Different]

Aroy Dee / Peel Seamus – Razar [M>O>S Recordings]

Omar S – U – [Subgroundz Records]

DJ Yoav B – Luv Iz [Delsin]

I:Cube – Freez [Versatile Reocrds]

Perception and Mad Mike – Windchime [UR]

Juan Atkins – Dusk Til Dawn [New Religion records]

Mathew Jonson – Decompression [Minus]

Electrofunk – Bounce [Electrofunk Records]

Dan Curtin – Autonomic Groove [Down Low]

R-Tyme – R-Theme (Mayday Mix) [Transmat]

Kenny Larkin – Breathe [Peacefrog]

Dabrye – Magic Says [Ghostly International]

[313] 10th anniversary party (UK) (all tracks were created by one-time [313] list participants)

Newworldaquarium – Daze [Delsin]

Newworldaquarium – Tresspassers [Delsin]

Morgan Geist – I Want To… [SSR]

$tinkworx – Saliva (Putsch ’79 Remix) [Delsin]

$tinkworx – Yinmao [Platinum Projects]

Metro Area – The Art of Hot [Environ]

Ani – Love is the Message (For Those Who Didn’t Hear It) [Prescription]

Deep Forces – You’re my One & Only [Foreplay Recordings]

Merrick Brown – Stealth Crime [Tektite Recordings]

Stewart Walker – Something for You [Tektite Recordings]

Jacek Sienkiewicz – New Direction [Recorgnition]

Juan Atkins – Dusk Til Dawn [New Religion records]

Non Stop DJs – Furious (Raw Fury Dub) [Non Stop Productions]

Upcoming gigs

I should mention that I haven’t already mentioned I’m headlining T-funkshun in Liverpool on Friday the 17th. It’s one of the most respected parties in England, so I’m quite chuffed. Went up there for Kenny Larkin earlier this year and had a blast.

On the 18th I’ll be playing the London [313] 10th anniversary party @ the newly revamped Public Life, so be sure to come check that out if you’re around.

Bleep 43 @ Public Life with Ryan Blackman and Mike Grant

Here’s my tracklist:



Natalie Gardner – Going Down Slow (Flowriders Remix) – 4Lux

Spacek – Time – !K7

Dimlite:a/dd – Byrdshot and Bye – Sonar Kollektiv

Gangtarr – Just to Get a Rep (Madlib Remix) – No Label Records

Four Tet – As Serious as Your Life (Remix 1) – Domino Record Co

Diverse – Jus Biz – Chocolate Industries

Blockhead – Carnivores Unite – Ninja Tune

Outkast – Love in War – Arista

Jazzanova – Another Fine Day (Doctor Rockit’s Vocal Itch) – Rope a Dope Records

De La Soul – Aint Hip to be Labeled – Tommy Boy

Meg – Kouro (Theo Parrish Remix) – Joint Records

Scott Ferguson – “Q” (DX Mix) – Ferrispark Records

Rick Wilhite – Ruby Nights (Gilb-r Solo Flight Remix) – Third Ear

Bucketheads – Whew – Henry Street Music

Scott Ferguson – “Q” (Main Mix) – Ferrispark Records

Joshua – Century 82 – Tweekin Records

Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver – Play the Game (Joshua’s Vocal Mix) – Music for Freaks

Stereo People vs. Music People – Baggershack – Select Recordings

Fabrice Lig – Meet U In Brooklyn – Playhouse

Liaisons Dangereuses – Peut Etre Pas – EMI

Kelley Polar Quartet – The Rhythm Touch – Environ

Niko Marks – Chune – Planet E

I:Cube – Oblivion – Versatile

James Duncan – Dub With Me – Traxxx Records

Lucky & Easy – Pimp Soul Blister (A) – Ann Aimee

Tha Poke – Uncommon Sense – Iridite Records

Starfighterz – Flavour 4 – Delsin Records

Yotoko – All Creation Remix – Delsin Records

Titonton – All Fours – Neroli

Horror Inc. – Siamese Twins – Revolver

Hakan Lidbo – White Trash – Moody Recordings

Infinity Plus One – Rhthmatic Unison – Drenched Recordings

Diego & Vocoderman – Refraction – Kanzleramt

Unknown Artist – Ltd 05 (B2) – Trapez

Kaito – Breaking the Star – Kompakt

Shawn Rudiman – That’s What I’m Talkin About – 11th Hour Technology

[313] Party @ Public Life

So… arrived @ Public Life pretty much right on time. Max came on before me and played a nice set of quirky/slower techno/idm, ending with Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights, at precisely the right speed for me to mix out of it. Wicked! This is what I followed it up with, from 10:15-11:00:

  • Luke Vibert – Acidisco – Warp
  • Moodymann – Shattered Dreams – Peacefrog
  • Meg – Kouro (Theo Parrish Remix) – Joint Records
  • Fabrice Lig – Meet U in Brooklyn – Playhouse
  • James Duncan – Times Like These (B2) – Le Systeme
  • John Arnold w/Amp Fiddler – Get Yourself Together – Ubiquity
  • 32 Project AKA Hiroshi Watanabe – Summon – Ibadan
  • Chicken Lips – Bad Skin – !K7
  • Riton – Cast of Thousands – Grand Central
  • Infinity Plus One – Rhythmatic Unison – Drenched
  • Ennio Morricone – Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (Swell Session Remix) – Compost Records

I was followed by Dan Butler, who played some deep-as-hell techno, then mah boyee Matt Chester picked up the tempo a bit, but not sacrificing an ounce of funk, then Lunar Selector played a fantastic Ableton set packed with classics and new stuff alike, going all over the place. The last Ableton set I saw Brendan do was a bit frezied for my taste in parts, although still really impressive, but this one was bang-on-the-money throughout. He even finished with my remix of The Shit, although Guy faded it out after about 60 seconds, not realising what it was – the bastard. 😉 Guy Thackeray closed things out with another really nice set, although I must confess the memory becomes a bit more faint at this point. All I know is that I had a great time, and the music throughout the night was all top notch. As Brendan said, it all worked really well together. An excellent progression from start to finish.


Got to Public Life @ 7:55, with a few minutes to wipe off the sweat, grab a water and collect myself before I started spinning. Nick and I split the first two hours of our set into thirty minute chunks. I offered to go first, and struggled a little with battle-style tables and a crazy cross-fader that slid all over the place when you didn’t even touch it. After my first (slow, around 110 bpm, maybe up to 120) set, Nick suggested we move the tables horizontally. Light bulb number one. I played two Moodymann tracks, and Nick played a Theo Parrish remix and one of our mutually favorite Theo Parrish tracks, ‘Falling Up’ (he played the whole damn thing too). 🙂 So I got back on, and felt marginally more comfortable, and a few friends had arrived, and a few others wandered in. Then after that next bit, in which I went properly east coast with my housing (and jacked it up to 125-128ish), and a few fuck ups with the cross fader, Nick suggested we turn it off. Lightbulb number 2. Actually, I had looked all over this mixer for the on/off switch, and it was in a totally unlikely spot in the upper left-hand corner (sort of), just to the left of the Channel 1 EQ’s. WTF??? Anyway. That was sorted. As I got off, most of the posse arrived, and Nick really got into his 2nd half-hour, throwing down some Relief gems and the like. It was really nice. Everyone loves that shit. Then we opted to go two-on/two-off for the last hour, which was fucking wicked. We both had an awesome time, fed off each other, and totally jacked the crowd to hell. It was really fun. Played a bit of techno, but mostly just house with depth and considerable energy, at a pretty fast tempo. Finished with “Who’s Pussy is This”.

Afterwards, Brendan and Guy came on for their Ableton + scratching debut, which was nice. Most of the Brixton massive and the extended family headed off to Lost, leaving Mark, Steve and I there with a suddenly fairly-vacant club. The set was quite interesting, with a ton of great moments, but overall it was far too intense for me in that state. Cutlass Supreeme finished up with a really nice set of ghetto tek, booty and drum ‘n bass, all worked together nicely, with some really good scratching in parts.

The Bleep Party

It was really weird seeing Public Life in the day:

Even Jean made it down from Swiss Cottage. Who would’ve thought three kids from the class of ‘92 at Iowa City High School would be hanging out in a Public Toilet in London 11 years later?

During my first mix, I realized the monitor was only responding to one turntable, so it was a mix from the speakers again. However, the crowd was having a great time. I wasn’t horribly concerned about technical imperfections so much as I was struggling so hard to hear that I couldn’t fully feel what I was doing. Still, it was a great time. The bartended even ran up about ½-hour in to my set and screamed “Turn it up! This is fucking wicked!!!”

And just as the photographic evidence runs out, so does the recording. Ben and KT had to leave in order to get up early for their flight, but I think they had a really good time, getting to see what an awesome scene we have here, even if it wouldn’t normally be their thing.

The rest of the night was fantastic. The ownership were having so much fun they let Jonny play an extra 45 minutes past closing. His set was blinding too. I should have recording of 74 minutes of each set up soon. I got home really late after the most overcrowded night bus ride ever, and said a delusional goodbye to Ben as they left bright and early. It was a wonderful visit, especially since in Iowa City my attention is spread so thin. I really love these guys.

Tracklist from my set at the Bleep 43 party @ Public Life last night

Madlib – Steppin’ into Tomorrow – Blue Note

Tread – Till the Night – Third Ear

Marvin Belton – Bleed to be Free – Ferrispark Records

Amp Fiddler – Love and War – Genuine

Soho – Hot Music – Pal Joey Music

Ramiro Mendes – Angola (Carl Craig’s Mix) – Lusafrica

Romanthony – Trust (Ghost Mix) – Downtown 161

Charlie – Spacer Woman – Automan

Brooks – Dripping in Gold – Mantis Recordings

Rick Wade – I Can’t Take It – Funky Chocolate

D.S.L. – Soothe Your Soul – Chilli Funk

Rima – This World – Jazzanova-Compost Records

DJ Gregory – Attend 1- Kitsune

Cesario Evora – Nutridinha (Kerri Chandler Alternate Mix) – Lusafrica

Passion Dance Orchestra – Inner Dance – Inner Music

Kunuyuki – Prescious Hall – Natural Resource

Soha – Les Enfants Du Bled – Africanism

Moodymann – Silence in the Secret Garden – Peacefrog

Moodymann – LiveinLA 1998 – Peacefrog

House of Gypsies – Sume Sigh Say (Tee’s Ultimate Vocal) – In House Records

Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Bookin da Beats) – Paper Recordings

Reunion – Strange Attention (Seiji Remix (Vocal)) – Sonar Kollectiv

Plutonia – Wear Your Size – Visions

Paul Johnson – Aww Sh*t – Relief Records

Mixxvibes – PMS – Music Plant

Surgeon – Magneze – Downwards

Robert Hood – Tactel – M Plant

Jacek Sienkiewicz – New Direction – Recognition

Acid Scout – Holographic A1 – Kurbel

Clark – Clip – Planet E

Willie Hutch – Brothers Gonna Work It Out – Motown