Antinomy II

Done a new mix. It’s a one-off, clocking in at just under two and a half hours. Probably 50% house, 50% other. I’ve only listened to it once, but I think it came out pretty much like I intended. 

2020 note: all mixes taken down for now to re-post at higher bitrate on Mixcloud in due course. If you’re at all keen for me to do this, please let me know and I will try and get anything specific you want to hear moved over ASAP.

Pascal Schäfer – Dawn [Karaoke Kalk]

Flying Lotus – Camel (Nosaj Thing remix) [Warp Records]

Crab – The Quote From The R [Deep Explorer]

Mark E – Slave 1 [Running Back]

Lerosa – Arctor (original mix) [Real Soon]

Reggie Dokes – In A Better Place [Psychostasia Recordings]

Kadebostan – Hidden Treasure [Freude Am Tanzen]

Kadebostan – Back To My First Heroes [Freude Am Tanzen]

Harmonic 313 – The Returners [Warp Records]

Robert Henke – Metropol [Imbalance Computer Music]

$tinkworx – Coelacanth [Strange Life Records]

Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari – Caprice [Rollerboys Recordings]

The Mole – There’s Hope [Internasjonal]

Even Tuell – Untitled B1 Workshop 07 [Workshop]

Actress – Ivy May Gilpin [Werk Discs]

Rhythm Maker – Don’t Disturb The Monotony [Background]

Luomo – Gets Along Fine [Huume]

Anton Zap – Ain’t Got Time [Background]

DJ Sprinkles – Reverse Rotation [Mule Musiq]

Vladislav Delay – Recovery Idea (Andy Stott remix) [Semantica Records]

Seth Troxler & Patrick Russell – Love Spray [Circus Company]

Mentor Roska – Feeline (original mix) [Roska Kicks & Snares]

Titonton Duvante – Chi Doro (Titonton refreak) [Das Modular]

Neil Landstrumm – Puter Vibes [New Electronica]

Petter – Robotfood (Jacek Sienkiewicz remix) [Manual Music]

TRG & Dub U – Losing Marbles [Hotflush Recordings]

Spherix – Look Back / Drone [Tube 10 Recordings]

Jus Wan – The Crossing / Flashpoint [Tube 10 Recordings]

2562 – Channel Two (original version) [Tectonic]

Total Science – I Know [Emoticon]

Hardfloor – The Trill Acid Theme (E.R.P. remix) [Hardfloor]

Skinny Puppy – Rash Reflection [Nettwerk]

Coil – Teenage Lightning 2 [Wax Trax! Records]

Narratives in albums

Following a recent discussion on [313] about the narrative of an entire release, I’m reminded of a few things that I’ve bought recently which really come together as proper albums.

Actress “Hazyville” wears its Detroit influence on its sleeve while exerting some latitude on the arrangements and beats the underpin everything. There are a couple of stand-out tracks: “Ivy May Gilpin” and “Again The Addiction”, but I’d suggest that this definitely shouldn’t be picked apart, because it’s much more rewarding when taken as a whole, and nearly every track is doing something that you won’t pick up on by scanning through it. The album was a long time coming and definitely worth the wait.

A Made Up Sound (2562) “Shortcuts” uses the lots-of-short-tracks approach to building an album. Although the sound is abstract and Detroit-inspired, the beats incorporate hip hop, dubstep, house and techno influences, while never fitting neatly in any of these styles. If anyone thinks dubstep is narrow and rigid, this might be a counter-example.

Aardvarck “Pigstyle” belongs in this category because he manages to unify his recent dubstep output beside his house sound, while throwing in some new experimental twists that vaguely recall his earlier works. The characteristicness of his sound is strong enough that some might think it’s “samey”, but I reckon he’s traversing a fairly broad range of beats and pulling in a number of different influences in the process. All-told, I reckon it tells a complete story in a unique way, which = album to me.

Robert Henke (Monolake) “Atom” uses a limited set of sounds, including some traditional instruments mixed with his futuristic-sounding synthesis to achieve a really distinctive sound throughout. It’s really composed as well. You can tell that a great deal of editorial restraint went in to achieving the coherence of the album. I reckon this one will definitely stand the test of time.

New music

Complete releases
A Made Up Sound – Shortcuts [A Made Up Sound]
Aardvarck – Bloom-01 [Bloom Holland]
Aardvarck – Bloom-02 [Bloom Holland]
Aardvarck – Just Washed That Pig [Rush Hour Holland]
Aardvarck – Pigstyle [Nod Navigators/Kindred Spirits Holland]
Actress – Hazyville [Werk Discs]
Flying Lotus – LA EP 2 X 3 [Warp]
Gescom – Key Nell [Skam]
Harmonic 313 – Dirtbox [Warp]
Jus Wan – The Crossing / Flashpoint [Tube10 Holland]
Robert Henke – Atom [Imbalance Computer Music]
Seth Troxler/Patrick Russell – Valt Trax [Circus Company France]
The Mole – For The Lost [Internasjonal Norway]
V/A – 50 Compilation [Background Germany]
V/A – The Nippon Connection Singles Collection Vol 1 [Das Modular Germany]
Vladislav Delay – Anima (Bonus Re-Edition) [Huume Finland]
Vladislav Delay – Whistleblower [Huume Finland]
Zomby – Mu5h [Hyperdub]
Zomby – The Lie [Ramp Recordings]

$tinkworx – Coelacanth [Strange Life Holland]
Anton Zap – Ain’t Got Time [Quintessentials Germany]
Anton Zap – Basement Groover [Quintessentials Germany]
Anton Zap – It’s Your Wave Too [Quintessentials Germany]
Bogdan Irkuk – Caprice [Rollerboys Sweden]
Bogdan Irkuk – Curare [Rollerboys Sweden]
Crab – Stanley C [Deep Explorer Spain]
Crab – The Quote From The R [Deep Explorer Spain]
DJ Aakmael – Get Down [Uzuri Recordings]
DJ Aakmael – Music [Uzuri Recordings]
DJ Sprinkles – Reverse Rotation [Mule Musiq Japan]
Even Tuell – Untitled B1 (Workshop 007) [Workshop Germany]
Intrusion – Intrusion (dub) [Echospace US]
Jus Ed – If I Die Play This [Zone 7 US]
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Earth Beats (Chateau Flight remix) [Mule Musiq Japan]
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Rain Of Ocean [Mule Musiq Japan]
Lerosa – Arctor (original mix) [Millions Of Moments Germany]
Luomo – Gets Along Fine [Huume Finland]
Mark E – Slave 1 [Running Back Germany]
Mentor Roska – Climate Change (main mix) [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Mentor Roska – Feeline (original mix) [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Modeselektor – The Black Block (Rustie remix) [BPitch Control Germany]
Petter – Robotfood (Jacek Sienkiewicz remix) [Manual Music Holland]
Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps (Adam Marshall Sedition mix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps [Crosstown Rebels]
Seth Troxler – Muse [Spectral Sound US]
Seth Troxler – Relationship [Spectral Sound US]
Spherix – Look Back (feat Kwality) [Tube10 Holland]
The Wolfgang Press – Chains (Wobble mix) [4AD]
Vakula – Loop For My Friends [Uzuri Recordings]
Vladislav Delay – Recovery IDea (Andy Stott remix) [Semantica Spain]
Zomby – 1 Up [Hyperdub]
Zomby – Kaliko [Hyperdub]
Zomby – Need Ur Lovin’ [Werk Discs]
Zomby – Strange Fruit [Ramp Recordings]