A remix of one of my tracks, ‘Frosting’ is out soon on Andrew Duke’s Consumer vs. User album. I finished it in 2001. He finished the remix maybe a year or so later, and finally it’s made its way on to CD. Mastered by Mark Gage of Vapourspace no less! Here’s the blurb.

I am thrilled to announce that my Consumer vs. User album is out now and available on CD on California’s Phthalo:

Phthalo has always been one of my favorite electronic music labels, and it is a priviledge to be on an imprint with faves of mine including Phthalocyanine, OST, Kit Clayton, Vladislav Delay, Massaccesi, Mimi + Boyd (ie Vapourspace and Punisher), Eight Frozen Modules (ie [a]pendics shuffle), Blectum From Blechdom, and many many more.

Consumer vs. User is rugged and rhythmic and raw, yet detailed and open and spacious, sort of like a distant cousin of my Sprung album–which was released on Bip-Hop and went on to be nominated for Album of the Year (Electronica) at the Canadian Independent Music Awards. There’s even DJ-friendly material on here, too (some straightforward, some more adventurous).

This album is mastered by Mark “Vapourspace” Gage, one of my early techno heroes, and features two collaborations with the USA’s Massaccesi and a remix of a track from the UK’s Tristan “Phonopsia” Watkins (a long-time 313-Detroit mailing-list member).

In part, the album is titled in a nod to I-F’s wonderful and inspirational Fucking Consumer album released in 1998 on Disko B. The album is dedicated to the memory of three whose artistry touched me
deeply: Aaliyah Haughton, Jose “Chep” Nunez, and James Stinson.

Here is what Phthalo’s Phthalocyanine writes about this album:
“Consumer vs. User is Andrew’s first appearance on Phthalo. It is a focused study, filling out unlikely accent schemes with abstract DSP techniques. The aesthetic is semi-derived from something reminiscent of classic Detroit minimal techno (I think of Terrence Dixon, Kevin Saunderson, and early Plus 8 stuff like the stark, controlled acid bass stabs of Heinrich Tillack AKA Sysex). I also however hear our label, Phthalo, embedded in this work, particularly references to the extensive exploration of heavily processed, raw, beaten-up drum machines given to us by O.S.T. (Chris Douglas) (e.g. Phthalo#09: O.S.T. Live @ Static) and Phthalocyanine (e.g. Phthalo#05: Phthalocyanine: Zacks e.p.) in the late 90’s. These ideas work here as the point of departure for a music that is meticulously arranged and much richer in variation than vernacular minimal techno, though much more ‘moderate’ than O.S.T.’s work. ”

Stay tuned for details on a remix contest that will involve remixing one of the tracks from Consumer vs. User. The best remixes will be released and there may even be some prizes.

You can hear one of the tracks from this album–an electro/idm-ish song–in the player on

Friendly reminder

Just in case anyone only reads this and not the local message boards.

To The Bone : Murder on the Dancefloor

Following an unfortunate incident at the George IV* on the morning of our last party, Brixton’s least appropriately-classified pub got shut down for 30 days. We relocated to Stockwell – to a real pub with old people and toilet seats. Sendex played three of the finest hours of live music any of our forty-three customers had ever heard. He was ridiculously, ridiculously good.

And then Max Duley performed a one-man re-enactment of Madonna’s Vogue Tour Stage Show. Needless to say, the night belonged to Duley. He’s back this month with a self-choreographed HI-NRG routine to be accompanied by the Pointer Sisters’ Jump (For My Love). Come marvel at a dancer at the very top of his profession.

Nick Craddock
Jamie Steere
Charlie Blue & Tony Little

George IV
144, Brixton Hill
10pm-4am // £5

*a resident child prostitute known to customers as Little Lord Fontanelle was drugged, raped and eaten to death on the dancefloor