Pre-xmas records

I got some new records. Having only purchased four records since June, that makes me very happy. Here they are:

AARDVARCK: Cult Copy (Album Sampler) [Rushhour Holland ]
-I really like 1 and 3, but this is probably the best so far. One really good deep house cut and two very lush electroish tracks

AFX: Analord 09 [Rephlex]
AFX: Analord 10 [Rephlex]
AFX: Analord 11 [Rephlex]
-Three of the best of the series

CHANDLER, Kerri/MANOO/DJ BERTRAND/JOVONN: The 4 Colors EP [Deeply Rooted House US]
-Both the Chandler and Jovonn tracks are sounding very nice to my ears

FURRY PHREAKS: Mixed Messages EP (reissue) [Miso]
-Slightly older, purchased for the B-side, ‘Tearful’

HARRIS, Quentin: Let’s Be Young [Unrestricted Access US]
-I heard Lindstromm play this in Panorama in Berlin. Had to get it. Sounds dope in a club

KAHIL EL ZABAR: Deeper Soul Remix Project Sampler [Deeper Soul]
-Fuck me, both the Henrik Schwarz and Osunlade remixes are fantastic. The Osunlade one sounds like the most primal thing I’ve ever heard in a house track

ROMAN: So Ghost? (remixes) [Kalk Pets Germany]
-Losoul and Pascal Schaeffer remixes. Both excellent

TORTOISE: It’s All Around You [Thrill Jockey]
-Long overdue purchase of the most recent album