Mix/Radio Archive

Thanks to Bleep 43, Samurai FM, Proton Radio, Oxford’s Passion 107.9 FM and Purple Radio for originally providing air time for some of these mixes. The mixes directly below are a running archive. A larger archive of mixes from 1992 -2001 is below that, which is being expanded from old minidisk/cassette recordings as time permits.

2020 note: all mixes taken down for now to re-post at higher bitrate on Mixcloud in due course. If you’re at all keen for me to do this, please let me know and I will try and get anything specific you want to hear moved over ASAP.


  • Emote Control – Moody music from the past, with a decent amount of ambience and some guitars. Light on the mixing. Just over an hour.
  • Abstract Wiener Space – Mostly techno and dubstep, inspired by the genius of Norbert Wiener.
  • Thirty Five – Done on my birthday. Hip hop, house and techno, mixed on the edge of my comfort zone, pace-wise. CD length.
  • Antinomy III – This is probably the first time I used an approximately even mixture of digital and vinyl. It’s almost all house. Some old stuff, some new. It was actually a recording of my preparation for the Süd party on 4th April 2009. Clocks in at just under 2 hours.
  • Antinomy IIThis one’s a one-off, clocking in at just under two and a half hours. Probably 50% house, 50% other. I’ve only listened to it once, but I think it came out pretty much like I intended.
  • Straight to V.H.S. – A disembodied “mix” tape (mostly unmixed). Lots of older stuff with a sprinkle of new(ish). It’s quite different stylistically to most of my mixes.


  • Süd Electronic, 4th October 2008 – An archive of my set from Süd Electronic, which was later broadcast on Duff Paddy’s Eclectic Electric show on Purple Radio.
  • Antinomy IThis one’s a bit lengthy at just under three hours. Lots of house and techno along with some other bits. Unfortunately the second hour was probably a bit too ambitious, but hopefully it still stands up.
  • 8118 – Some ambience, a bit of sped up instrumental hip hop, some ambient dub and some early-mid 90s UK techno. I think everything but the Plastikman track is pre-’97. Feels like a mix tape to me somehow. I purposefully kept it under 80 minutes to fit it on CD anyway.


  • Unwound – The fourth mix from December 2007. There’s rather a few messes, but I’m getting too old to be re-doing two hour mixes. I’ve listened to it about 10 times and haven’t pulled my ears off yet, so make of it what you will. Used Traktor Scratch for five or six of the tracks – the rest is wax.
  • 33 1/3 + 3 – My first Traktor Scratch mix. Mostly stuff that’s been gathering dust in my CD collection, which is the main reason I’ve got one of these digital file playing thingys at my disposal now. Still struggling a bit with not being able to look at a record to determine when the track is going to end, but whatever…
  • New Carts II – The second mix celebrating the arrival of my Shure Whitelabel cartridges. A bit broader than the last one. Very sorry about the hideous mix into Jus-Ed and Kevin James. Recorded on Sunday, December 9, 2007. Encoded at 192 Kbps CBR.
  • New Carts – I got some Shure Whitelabel cartridges which sounded so good I had to have a mix. The usual smattering of styles. Recorded on Sunday, December 2, 2007. Encoded at 192 Kbps CBR.
  • Almost Süd – I recorded some practice before my set at Süd Electronic on Saturday 31 March 2007. Since the set didn’t get recorded and there were a few conflicts on the night I figured I’d post the practice up, warts n’ all. It’s 95% the same as what got played. Encoded at 192 Kbps CBR.


  • ABCD1112 – Recorded on November 12, 2006. This is a collection of some of the stuff I’ve played from my last three gigs. It’s a pretty wide range of stuff with a focus on acid, dub, older house and some newer techno. Something like that I guess. This clocks in at just under 2 1/2 hours. Encoded at 192 Kbps CBR.
  • Maison d’Être – Recorded on October 26, 2006. Not perfectly mixed, and some of the levels get a bit crazy (I’m getting used to new monitors), but I reckon it’s got enough favourite house tunes to help fend off seasonal change. It’ll just fit on a CD.
  • Chilled Out Passion 2006 – Recorded on 29th of July, 2006 for Dan Bean’s Chilled Out Passion radio show on Oxford’s Passion 107.9 FM. It’s sort of a review of the non-house/non-techno stuff I used to play on my radio show by virtue of the fact that I only brought CDs (lots of ambience, trance-before-it-was-a-bad-word and industrial things, with a couple of hip hop bits for good measure). Dan kicks things off with a load of older drum n’ bass, and my set starts in the 51st minute of the first part.
  • Bleep 43 Radio 2006 – Recorded for Toby Frith’s Bleep 43 radio show, broadcast at Wireless FM on July 16, 2006. Turning back the clock a bit with about half of these selections. Encoded at 320 Kbps, clocking in at just over an hour.
  • Transmission Radio 2006 – Recorded for Lee Bolton and Ryan Blackman’s Transmission Radio show, broadcast at Proton Radio on February 23, 2006. Straight-up house and techno, with a bit of ambience on the peripheries. Encoded at 320 Kbps, clocking in at just over an hour.
  • 246 – This is a rough ‘n ready one-off mix recorded on February 4, 2006 – my first time mixing in about three weeks after injuring my hand. Similar to most of my more recent mixes, this mix is comprised of mostly newer house and techno stuff, with a couple of electro cuts, a brief, nostalgic journey through Chicago, and my effort to resurrect interest in David Moufang. Oh, and the now-obligatory inclusion of MF DOOM. Encoded at 256 Kbps, clocking in at 2 hours, 46 minutes.


  • Birthday mix for Hannah – Recorded on August 6, 2005 for my girlfriend Hannah’s birthday, this mix is my stab at putting down a bunch of tracks that I figured she liked, that she didn’t already have. Some of it’s a bit unusual for my mixes (i.e. more disco than you’d usually get). Encoded in 192 Kbps mp3. Just under 2 hours.
  • Through the Bone – Recorded on July 24, 2005, this mix was a product of the aftermath following To the Bone, my friends Charlie and Dave’s party at George IV, just down the road. It featured them, Raf Rundel and Alex Bond, down from Manchester. It also featured about ~15 of London’s finest fiends afterwards, inspiring me to take refuge with the subwoofer, recording this impromptu mix. It’s a bit sloppy and incoherent, but there’s some nice tracks that didn’t make it onto mixes yet, and is nice and Summery in parts. Encoded at 192 Kbps. Encoded in 192 Kbps mp3. Clocks in at just under 80 minutes, so you can plonk it on a CD if you like.
  • Ate – A massive bastard of a mix to get right, this one took me eight tries to nail it. Back to a house and techno for this one. Encoded in 192 Kbps mp3. Clocks in at just under 2 hours.


  • Eagle’s Trump – Recorded on October 23, 2004, mooshes ambience, house, broken beat, synth pop, techno, electro and hip hop into a 2 hour 43 minute session. Encoded in 160 Kbps mp3.
  • Passion 107.9 Mix – Originally featured on Dan Bean’s Chilled Out Passion for Oxford’s Passion 107.9 FM on October 15, 2004. Mostly house and some broken beats. 55 minutes.
  • 434 – Recorded in April 2004. Originally available at Emotion Electric, who have sadly been closed by the internet police. Here’s hoping the great service they provide to the music buying community will resurface anew! This is easily my broadest mix to date, ranging from reggae to hip hop to house to clicks to techno. Clocks in at 2 hours and 42 minutes.


  • The Samurai Mix – Originally recorded for Ryan Blackman’s London Underground show on Samurai FM, July 29, 2003. This mix is mostly melodic techno, clocking in at one hour.
  • Sloppy Ass Broken Beat Mix – Recorded June 2003, showcasing some of my favourite Broken Beat flavours from the time, focusing mostly on West London grooves.
  • 543 – Recorded the day before Cinqo de Mayo, 2003, this is a nearly two-hour (mostly) house mix, which is probably the equal to my 434 Mix above – downloaded at least 1500 times so far.


  • Live in Iowa City – a recording of a my opening set for Kevin Blechdom and Goodiepal at Gabes Oasis in Iowa City on September 4, 2002. It covers house, techno and broken beat in a compressed period, which is my favorite thing to do for a crowd.

1999-2001 in (roughly) descending chronological order

  • The Baltowash Purity Agent even cleanses deadspots! – a movement from Deep House to Kraftwerk to Deep Techno to Pumpin’ House then back to techno, into bleepy minimalism, a Surgeon showcase, and a cooldown period from Villalobos and i:Cube.
  • Steel Wheels and Wax Emotion – has a few overt flaws, but I was so happy with the way the track selection turned out I decided to post it anyway. Mostly house and some techno.
  • Mindbending Carpet – an attempt to get back to the sylistic freedom of radio without sacrificing the dance mix format.
  • Seasons – Lots of variety in this one. Deep techno to kick things off, getting slightly harder, then a b-line into electro, finishing off with some minimal action. Probably my best mix before 2002.
  • mp313 – The object of the mix was to provide an introduction to the mp313 roster, and display our music in a mixed format, as it was intended. Today it’s a memento of a community that did things their own way, with no interest but to share their music, who met and cooperated online before they’d ever met in person.
  • Circulating Memory and the Dead Spot Acrobat – For lovers of Chicago house, this is your mix. If you know your stuff, you’ll see this worked out as an homage to the label that first explained house music to me. This label also helped me to bridge what seemed like an enormous gulf between Detroit and Chicago. This one clocks in at just under an hour.
  • Memories – This mix is all older house. Some of it is as recent as ‘96 but it all brings back memories for me. For the most part these are the tracks that taught me to appreciate house music although some are older tracks I’ve recently rediscovered. This mix was straight from the crate so it’s a bit less polished than some of my other mixes – but there’s something to be said for the first take. It clocks in at just over 45 minutes.
  • Smooth ‘n Rough – This is a mix I recorded some time in the Summer of ‘99. Some of it’s a bit speedy, as many of my mixes at the time were. I reckon that’s an inevitable consequence of mixing with pitched decks (when you increase the range to +/-16). It was also pretty crucial to teaching me how to mix stuff from different genres together. Anyway… I really dig this mix, having not heard it for a good few years. Lots of solid Chicago house and techno. Clocks in at just under an hour.
  • New and Old – This was my first recorded mix that I was really happy with. It covers some deep house, slower Detroit house, Detroit and European techno. Originally recorded on January 18,1999.

1992-1999 in (roughly) descending chronological order. More to come.

  • Sold Volume II – This one is mostly down-tempo, and while it doesn’t actually include many distinct artists, I think it holds together as a mix tape reasonably well. I like the mood of it.
  • Noise on KRUI: 15 February 1997 – This is another one coming sort-of-by-request, as a recent thread about, “trip hop”, elsewhere on the internets bumped this mix to the top of the archive pile. But before I get in to the detail I have to apologise for a few mixes on these tapes where I seem to think I can scratch, and hesitantly (thankfully fairly quietly) try to do so. It’s hideous. Never again, I promise.

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