Hear Memories

This mix is all older house. Some of it is as recent as ’96 but it all brings back memories for me. For the most part these are the tracks that taught me to appreciate house music although some are older tracks I’ve recently rediscovered. This mix was straight from the crate so it’s a bit less polished than some of my other mixes – but there’s something to be said for the first take. It clocks in at just over 45 minutes.


Project PM – Take You Higher – Guidance (US)

Rednail – Can You Feel the Love? (Sweet ‘n Spicy) – Blue Cucaracha (US)

Inner City – Do Ya (Carl Craig Build Up Remix) – KMS (US)

Eddie Fowlkes – Where Will I Be? (Claude Young’s Last Temptation) – Back 2 Basics (UK)

Chez-n-Trent – The Choice (Windy City Club) – KMS (US)

Hard Corey + Wray – Love Train – Cajual Records (US)

DJ Sneak – All Over (My Face) – Down Town 161 (US)

Cajmere – Horny – Cajual Records (US)

The Innocent – Theme From Blue Cucaracha (Modal Flea Market Mix) – After Midnight (Holland)

Moodyman – U Can Dance If U Want 2 – KDJ (US)

Gene Farris – Cosmic Coast – Force Inc Music Works (Germany)

Tim Harper – I Feel A Groove – Peace Frog (UK)

Paul Jacobs – Love Will Make It Right… Again – Stickman Records (Canada)

Glenn Underground – I Need U – Cajual Records (US)

Prosthetic Memory