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The Bleep Party

It was really weird seeing Public Life in the day:

Even Jean made it down from Swiss Cottage. Who would’ve thought three kids from the class of ‘92 at Iowa City High School would be hanging out in a Public Toilet in London 11 years later?

During my first mix, I realized the monitor was only responding to one turntable, so it was a mix from the speakers again. However, the crowd was having a great time. I wasn’t horribly concerned about technical imperfections so much as I was struggling so hard to hear that I couldn’t fully feel what I was doing. Still, it was a great time. The bartended even ran up about ½-hour in to my set and screamed “Turn it up! This is fucking wicked!!!”

And just as the photographic evidence runs out, so does the recording. Ben and KT had to leave in order to get up early for their flight, but I think they had a really good time, getting to see what an awesome scene we have here, even if it wouldn’t normally be their thing.

The rest of the night was fantastic. The ownership were having so much fun they let Jonny play an extra 45 minutes past closing. His set was blinding too. I should have recording of 74 minutes of each set up soon. I got home really late after the most overcrowded night bus ride ever, and said a delusional goodbye to Ben as they left bright and early. It was a wonderful visit, especially since in Iowa City my attention is spread so thin. I really love these guys.