The Return of El Guapo

Anyone remember my dream, El Guapo from April 28, 2002? Well, they played last night @ the 930 Club. It was my first time there. Really nice club, good beer, reasonable cover, considering El Guapo was merely the opening act for ADULT and Trans Am. At any rate, I must have come up with “El Guapo” from seeing them listed for upcoming shows, and then completely forgot about them. Whatevah… On to the show!

El Guapo were very tight. A good 3-piece, with everyone playing lots of different instruments, and a very healthy dose of electronics on-board. Both El Guapo and Trans Am used a Nord Lead 2, and seemed to have an awful lot of fun with the wooden pitch-bend knob. We only caught the last few songs of the first set, but I’d definitely go to see ’em again. ADULT was ADULT. Not too much to say. Lots of tight electroclash in their uniquely punkish way. It was a lot of fun to see them live, and hear some new material. Trans Am really stole the show. The opened up with 2 drummers and 2 keyboards, then pretty much everyone switched instruments throughout the show. The drumming was really energetic throughout, and the more-than-healthy dose of Nord was beautiful. Me thinks I should head to more live shows, or at least go see Trans Am more often, since they’re local. Sorry this entry’s so crap. I’m still pretty hungover.