Movement 2004 – Friday May 28, 2004

Our 22 hour, 4000 mile voyage from London to Detroit terminated at 7th City’s fifth and last Green Light Go

party, Friday night’s hottest ticket and Claude Young’s first appearance in Detroit for almost four years. The crowd read like a scrapbook of the previous five years – at once a distraction from the performances and an opportunity to feel the global community as one in its birthplace.

At a festival with over 60 afterparties total and up to ten performances per stage each day, the temptation to take in as much as possible is often over ruled by the desire to see an artist from beginning to end. Although the patio featured Dan Bell, Shake, Cabanne and Jeff Samuel, the main room was the only choice. The Brother from Another Planet zigzagged across up tempo techno at his inimitable velocity until Shawn Rudiman joined him for an impromptu jam. They switched from beat juggling to live programming, alternating melodic focus, always complimentary, never cluttered, never monopolistic, as though the duo had been doing it for years. Three hours of never before seen techno magic, opening and closing the first chapter of our voyage.

Claude Young and Shake

Shawn Rudiman


Following last year’s afterparty crackdown, many promoters seemed keen to take parties to the road and deeper underground. The after(pre)party for Green Light Go made its way to Push in Eastern Market. Gone was Agave’s posh interior and delectable libations, replaced by a dank Eastern Market loft with a keg in a plastic bucket. Pure Detroit. John Tejada played an HDJ + turntable set, allowing room for his turntablistic talents to match the breadth of his selection. Tejada clicked and cut the boundaries between Cologne and Detroit, ending the evening as a new day began.

John Tejada

Cyborg K (in blue, front left), Matt McQueen with finger

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Written by Tristan Watkins
Editorial assistance from Ken Odeluga
Photography by Hannah Maloney and Tristan Watkins

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  1. Looking something up and I come across a pic of myself watching Claude and Shawn. My first time seeing either of these two gentlemen. Thank you for this.

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