Eclectic Set at The Blue Room

Last Sunday I spun the craziest set of my life @ The Blue Room. It went something like this:

-3 Wax Trax classics, on the dancier side of things

-Chris & Cosey

-2 Depeche Mode Violator era rarities

-Erasure remixed by Thomas Fehlmann

-Pet Shop Boys remixed by Mark Kinchen

-4 or 5 early “ravey” techno (but good not stupid) tracks and early Tresor stuff from Sun Electric, 3MB Thomas Fehlmann

-3 of my tracks

[drops the first and only record, all else was on CD] Nobukazu Takemura’s remix of Yo La Tengo

-The Sea & Cake’s “A Man Who Never Sees A Pretty Girl That He Doesn’t Love Her A Little”

-Human Resource’s “Dominator” (abrubtly cut short when I was informed this type of music – cheesy rave stuff – is forbidden in their contract, which didn’t bother me any, the joke was already over)

-concluding with the Jack Dangers remix of David Byrne’s weird industrial project “Forestry”.

It was a lot of fun, even if I scared about a dozen people off. 🙂