Best of 2008

Gigs (don’t get out much anymore, but this stuff was good)
Autechre @ the Hearn Street Car Park in London (easily one of the best gigs ever)
The Pole and then the Surgeon/DJ Pete Bleep 43 parties
Each of the Süd parties, which got better and better as the year went on


New artists

Old artists
Reggie Dokes
Jacek Sienkiewicz
Wayne Gardiner
Deep Chord/Echospace
Terrence Dixon
Move D
Flying Lotus
Juju & Jordash

Third Ear

Antinomy I

This one’s a bit lengthy at just under three hours. Lots of house and techno along with some other bits. Unfortunately the second hour was probably a bit too ambitious, but hopefully it still stands up. 

2020 note: all mixes taken down for now to re-post at higher bitrate on Mixcloud in due course. If you’re at all keen for me to do this, please let me know and I will try and get anything specific you want to hear moved over ASAP.

Matthew Herbert – Nicotine (from Nicotine, short film) [Studio !K7]

Matthew Herbert Big Band Breathe [Studio !K7]

KossAir (MW Point 137E35 mix) [Mule Electronic]

Rondenion7 & 10 [Parker MusicWorks]

The MoleWhen It Tastes So Good, You Deserve It [Wagon Repair]

LowtecA1 [Workshop]

Reggie DokesBlack Children Of The Ghetto [Philpot]

IkeCluster Funk [Philpot]

Motor City Drum EnsembleFeel The Love [Four Roses Recordings]

Kelli HandHolding On [Third Ear Recordings]

Ibex Spiritual War [Third Ear Recordings]

Reggie DokesRain On Me [Philpot]

Keith Worthy Moon Dance [Third Ear Recordings]

Morphosis Baal [Morphine Records]

Arthur RussellArm Around You [Rough Trade]

Metro Area Soft Hoop [Environ]

Róisín Murphy Tell Everybody [EMI]

The Clash The Magnificent Seven [Sony]

Paul Johnson Hear The Music [Peacefrog Records]

Fabrice LigBump Bump [Versatile Records]

New Order Mr. Disco [Qwest Records]

Problem KidsI Will Lead (Hollway & Eastwick mix) [Paper Recordings]

Glenn Underground Disco Fusion [Defender Music]

Move DHeidelberg Gals (parts 1, 2 & 3) [Running Back]

Ron TrentJourneyn2u [Future Vision Records]

Mood Men feat Nina VidalWhy (A Gorgeous house mix) [CIMA Recordings]

DJ GregorySookoos [Defected]

Dave AjuOpen Wide [Circus Company]

Neil Landstrumm She-Ra (Extra Speaker Pop) [Peacefrog Records]

Exchange Bureau meets John Arnold Spookie Dookie [Third Ear Recordings]

Chateau Flight La Roquette [Versatile Records]

Kenny Larkin Bass Mode [Planet E]

Petar DundovRain (Echospace reduction) [Music Man Records]

Delano SmithTrans [Third Ear Recordings]

KadebostanCaracas Soul [Freude Am Tanzen]

Aroy DeeAll That Remains [M>O>S Recordings]

Tob JonaMetro 501 [a.r.t.less]

WbeezaLondon My Home [Third Ear Recordings]

Ben Klock Warszawa – Original Mix [Ostgut Ton ]

Jacek SienkiewiczMy Little Place [Cocoon Recordings]

PangaeaDeviant [Hessle Audio]