Charts and Rekkids

March 2003 – Top 12

1. James Duncan : Night Tracks [Le Systeme]
2. Wen / Even Tuell / Hendrik Luuk / Move D : Airbag Craftworks Compilation Vol 2 [Out To Lunch]
3. Pascal Schafer : Rhythmes EP [Karaoke Kalk Pets]
4. Luke Vibert : Lovers Acid [Planet Mu]
5. Afx : Analord 05 [Rephlex]
6. Shed : Citylicker EP [Soloaction]
7. Omar S : 001 [AOS]
8. Plant Life : When She Smiles She Lights The Sky [Sonar Kollektiv]
9. Georg Levin : Heaven EP – Rima Remix [Sonar Kollektiv]
10. Cris Prolific : People [Versatile]
11. The Model : Robotiko [Traum]
11. Kid Sublime : Basement Works Volume 4 [Jahwell/Rush Hour]

New rekkids (with some slightly dated comments, as I now know most of these inside and out)
v/a – “Amsterdam Remix EP” (Regal Recordings) 12″
32 Project : Rule Of Humanity (Ibadan US) [Hiroshi Watanbe in fairly-technoish mode. Not sure if I’ll like it quite as much as the last 32 Project, but sounds nice]
Dubious : Heavy Hands (Prize) [Couldn’t conclude on this one at first, but finally decided I needed it for the 2nd track]
James Duncan : Peoples Are Peoples (Real Soon US) [second recent thing from him – both great]
Ferrer / Sydenham Inc / Zero Duma : DJ Tools Volume 5 – Alternative Conclusions (Ibadan US) [finally answered my Wayne Gardiner question! He is Zero Duma on this, and the track sounds sick. Imagine him doing proper techno! Not sure how I missed this on release. Also found some other pseudonyms for him that aren’t listed as him on discogs, like Sinister Concepts, which sounded OK from the clips, but nothing I’d rush to buy]
Wayne Gardiner & Eddie Maduro : The Warning (Bolshevik US) [Remixes of classic Logic track. Think these mixes are new, but not 100% sure. Don’t sound terribly different than the original]
Orlando Voorn : Underwater (Ignitor US) [first ignitor thing I’ve picked up. Sounds dope]
Sam Prekop : Who’s Your New Professor (Thrill Jockey US) [new solo album from the lead singer of my favourite band. Fans of that one toilet paper advert with the lovely piano-based music should take note, that’s a track off his first solo album]
Arthur Russell : World Of Echo – 2xLtd LP [waiting for the vinyl finally paid off!]
Daniel Bell : The Lost Traxx EP (Klang Electronik Germany) 12″ (just stumbled across this one randomly, following that comment on the Bleep thread. Didn’t think I’d find any new copies of it. Sweet!)
Chateau Flight : Celestial Showers (Versatile France) 12″ (the A-side sounds wicked)
Fila Brazillia : The Googlebox (23) 7″ (couldn’t say no at £2.15)
Hieroglyphic Being : Liquid Sex EP (Spectral Sound US) 12″ (for the Portable remix, which sounds sick)
AFX : Analogue Bubblebath Vol 3 – 2xLP (purports to be a ltd to 500 repress which includes all the tracks that were on the CD)
Mathew Jonson & The Mole / Axel Bartsch : Dirt Road And A Boat From A Soundwave / Galaxy – 12″ (hope this is as good as the clip makes it sound)
Herbert – Secondhand Sounds 3xLP #2 [Peacefrog] (for the Herberts Murdered My Poodle Remix, which Akufen caned over the Bank Holiday)
Recloose – Dust 12″ [Peacefrog]
Henrik Schwarz : Leave my head alone brain [Sunday Music]
Sleeparchive : 1 [Sleeparchive]
CLASHCORNER presents RITON feat WATINE : By My Side [Parisonic France] 12″ (was trying to find this for ages then stumbled across it under this Clashcorner name that I had no idea about. Doh. Anyway, it’s good)
SCHAFER, Pascal : Melody Express [Karaoke Kalk Germany] LP
SCHAFER, Pascal : Rhythmes EP [Karaoke Kalk Pets Germany] 12″
SUTEKH : Two Rhapsodies [Context Free Media US] 12″
TROLLEY ROUTE : A Occhi Chiusi (remixes) [Pure Plastic] 2×12″ (the Rachmad mix sounds dope, and the Hood mix sounds purty good too)