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Robert Babicz : Mister Head (K2/Kompakt Germany) – for Sondag, which Nick Craddock featured in one of his mixes a while back, and I’ve only just been able to track down

Robert Babicz : The Cloudpainter EP (Out Of Orbit Denmark) – more from him. Three solid tracks

Jus Ed
: Small Oak (Underground Quality US) – for the first track. It’s hot

Jenifa Mayanja
: Time Waits For No One (remixes) – From Stream Of Consciousness CD (Underground Quality US) – also for the first track. Also hot

New World Aquarium
: Twenty EP (Delsin Holland) – Five new tracks. Picking up where he left off

Non Stop DJs
: Retarded EP (Non Stop Recordings) – My North London boys doing Ghetto Tech proper like. This is sounding really tight

Jacek Sienkiewicz
: Narrative (Recognition Poland) – a reissue. The last track is the one

Terre Thaemelitz
: You? Again? (Mule Electronic Japan) – late 90s Thaemelitz house wares repressed on Mule Electronic last year. Seriously deep

Terre Thaemelitz
: You? Again? Vol 3 (Mule Electronic Japan) – same

Next gig SPAM: Sud records 10th release party, with Portable and Cassy

We will be celebrating our 10th release with a very special party on the 31st of March ; our first party for 2007 , so not to be missed !

We are so so thrilled that Cassy will be joining us & helping us celebrate this release .

Catherine Britton aka Cassy, left England for Austria with her Caribbean father and Austrian mother in 1975.
She spent her childhood in Vienna and Lower Austria, starting to sing and study music at an early age. What happenned since has been nothing short of phenominal .

Cassy has become the toast of the electronic world . It’s no surprise really , with the kind of credentials , she holds .

She has collaborated with some of the most influential artists in Techno . Namely Ricardo Villalobos , Luciano , Steve Bug e.t.c. & holds a residency at the highly regarded , Panorama Bar , in Berlin ; & can sometimes be found working behind the counter @ Hardwax ; Berlin’s legendary record shop .

Her solo projects are worth a look in as well as they are rather good . ‘ My Auntie ‘ her solo debut on Perlon , is a personal favourite . She has also recently started , her own label , simply called , Cassy . If the 1st release on this label is any thing to go by , then expect some killer future releases .

What has trully lifted her profile , though is her mix Cd for Panorama Bar . The first for the club & artist alike . Titled ‘Panorama Bar 01 ‘ . This is a journey into the deeper side of Techno & House . No computer gimmicks , just the mixer , 2 decks & a great selection of tracks . This is most definitely one of the best mix cd’s of 2006 . An essential purchase indeed ! .

Anyone who has spent some time on Panorama Bar’s dancefloor during one of Cassy’s sets has witnessed what special kind of atmosphere and energy she manages to create with her House-Sound. When Cassy is behind the decks, sitting around or hanging at the bar never really is an option, as it is rather probable everyone finds themselves dancing. Her very own way of fusing deep, minimal and sexy records is highly exceptional and it creates a very intoxicating, special groove. Do not miss !

Cassy will be joined by Portable , who will be performing tracks from his forthcoming album , out on Sud , May / June .

Completing the bill will be our residents , Lakuti , Marco Shuttle , Nick Craddock , Special guests Stefano & newbie to Sud , Tristan Watkins aka Phonopsia .

I have been listening to Tristan’s mixes for quite some time now & they are great & i for one am looking forward to his Sud debut .

After the great visual display from Squint in December , he will be back again with Brittski .

We will be back @ the Rhythm Factory …16 – 18 Whitechapel Road , London E1 1EW .

10 pm – 6 am with a new & improved sound in Room 1 .

As usual , book your place on the £8 list by emailing :

[email protected]

otherwise it’s £10 on the door .

Cassy’s discography


Body Code @ Myspace


Looking forward to seeing you all !

Lerato / Lakuti

Friendly reminder

Just in case anyone only reads this and not the local message boards.

To The Bone : Murder on the Dancefloor

Following an unfortunate incident at the George IV* on the morning of our last party, Brixton’s least appropriately-classified pub got shut down for 30 days. We relocated to Stockwell – to a real pub with old people and toilet seats. Sendex played three of the finest hours of live music any of our forty-three customers had ever heard. He was ridiculously, ridiculously good.

And then Max Duley performed a one-man re-enactment of Madonna’s Vogue Tour Stage Show. Needless to say, the night belonged to Duley. He’s back this month with a self-choreographed HI-NRG routine to be accompanied by the Pointer Sisters’ Jump (For My Love). Come marvel at a dancer at the very top of his profession.

Nick Craddock
Jamie Steere
Charlie Blue & Tony Little

George IV
144, Brixton Hill
10pm-4am // £5

*a resident child prostitute known to customers as Little Lord Fontanelle was drugged, raped and eaten to death on the dancefloor

Flashpoint @ Public Life, London, Tag Team w/Nick Craddock

Thursday was fun! Really enjoyed myself once things got going and I worked through the week’s stress. I thought it was great to hear the early sets from Brendan and Guy. Unexpected selections and a great way to warm things up. Nick and I tagteamed for and hour and a half and it went really well I thought. Got to drop loads of new techno, and helped the dance floor lift off. It’s recorded, so possibly online before too long. Shawn Rudiman’s set was really cool, or at least what I remmeber of it. I think it was nice to hear each segment evolving into so much of a ‘song’, versus previous efforts which felt more like an endless transition. Both are cool, but it was amazing to see this different style of arrangement on the fly (assuming I’m not just imagining this). Wish I could remember more of Matt’s set.

Freelance @ The Cube, Camberwell

During sound check the live PA guys Laz and Steve sounded really great. I mean, I was really amazed how good it sounded in there, and they surprised us by having Laszlo sing! He was really good too. So… after they were done I had a couple of trial mixes to make sure all was in order from our end, and noticed that the left table was impossible to back que on. Like the needle literally flew off the record whenever you spun it backwards. Luckily I had two spares, but managed to kill one of my headshells in the process of trying to replace the other one. What a mess… Haven’t even had a chance to see if I can fix it, since I think I totally nuked the bit where the cartridge goes into the headshell by putting it in sideways. Grrr… No more mixes from me any time soon. But we got it sorted through a combination of parts.

That all sorted itself out around 8:55, just as we were getting ready to start. So Nick went on and played a nice set, then Jamie followed with more goodness, then the live boys came on and sounded sweet. By this point we had probably 60-70 people in there, which is quite a feat for a first night in a new venue in Camberwell! I had been in social butterfly mode this whole time so when Nick came up to tell me the sound was fucked, I was totaly taken aback. When I got to the dancefloor the volume was at maybe 1/3 – 1/2 it’s sound check level, and totally distorted. In sound check the limiter had been steady at one light of 7, and now it was cranked full-on at 7. No wonder it sounded like shit! So I immediately tried to find the sound guy, who said he would be back at the venue by then, but he was nowhere to be found. The bouncer took me back into the sound room, and I wasn’t about to start fucking with all their shit, since I know that’s a really easy way to make an enemy of the sound guy, so we just had to deal with it. Someone told me the barmaid turned it down at one point, which would explain some things. Anyway… the sound dude finally arrived at the beginning of my set, and he sorted it out relatively quickly, but it was still nowhere near as loud as it had been. In short, the mood for my set was seriously compromised by all of this, and it showed. My ill-preparedness didn’t help much either. When it was all over, I had it out with the sound guy a bit, but everyone who worked at the venue was so quick to point the finger of blame at us that it was a totally worthless discussion. May have made a few enemies in the process, and not toally sure if we’ll wind up there again unless I can get some assurance that the staff we need will be on-hand for these sorts of issues. We brought them a hell of a lot of money for a Thursday night, so hopefully they’ll be persuaded to see things our way.


Got to Public Life @ 7:55, with a few minutes to wipe off the sweat, grab a water and collect myself before I started spinning. Nick and I split the first two hours of our set into thirty minute chunks. I offered to go first, and struggled a little with battle-style tables and a crazy cross-fader that slid all over the place when you didn’t even touch it. After my first (slow, around 110 bpm, maybe up to 120) set, Nick suggested we move the tables horizontally. Light bulb number one. I played two Moodymann tracks, and Nick played a Theo Parrish remix and one of our mutually favorite Theo Parrish tracks, ‘Falling Up’ (he played the whole damn thing too). 🙂 So I got back on, and felt marginally more comfortable, and a few friends had arrived, and a few others wandered in. Then after that next bit, in which I went properly east coast with my housing (and jacked it up to 125-128ish), and a few fuck ups with the cross fader, Nick suggested we turn it off. Lightbulb number 2. Actually, I had looked all over this mixer for the on/off switch, and it was in a totally unlikely spot in the upper left-hand corner (sort of), just to the left of the Channel 1 EQ’s. WTF??? Anyway. That was sorted. As I got off, most of the posse arrived, and Nick really got into his 2nd half-hour, throwing down some Relief gems and the like. It was really nice. Everyone loves that shit. Then we opted to go two-on/two-off for the last hour, which was fucking wicked. We both had an awesome time, fed off each other, and totally jacked the crowd to hell. It was really fun. Played a bit of techno, but mostly just house with depth and considerable energy, at a pretty fast tempo. Finished with “Who’s Pussy is This”.

Afterwards, Brendan and Guy came on for their Ableton + scratching debut, which was nice. Most of the Brixton massive and the extended family headed off to Lost, leaving Mark, Steve and I there with a suddenly fairly-vacant club. The set was quite interesting, with a ton of great moments, but overall it was far too intense for me in that state. Cutlass Supreeme finished up with a really nice set of ghetto tek, booty and drum ‘n bass, all worked together nicely, with some really good scratching in parts.