This was the fourth mix I did last month but I figured I’d give my bandwidth and your ears a rest while figuring out if it’s good enough to post. There’s rather a few messes, but I’m getting too old to be re-doing two hour mixes. I’ve listened to it about 10 times and haven’t pulled my ears off yet, so make of it what you will. Used Traktor Scratch for five or six of the tracks – the rest is wax. 

2020 note: all mixes taken down for now to re-post at higher bitrate on Mixcloud in due course. If you’re at all keen for me to do this, please let me know and I will try and get anything specific you want to hear moved over ASAP.

Kazi – Pressure [B9000 Records]

Claude Young – Multiplicity of Zeros and Ones [SSR]

Studio – Life’s A Beach! [Information]

Sam Prekop – C + F [Thrill Jockey]

Autechre – Flutter [Warp]

Born Under a Rhyming Planet – Analog:Heaven (On Beat Off Beat Style) [Plus 8]

Joash – Salome [Compost]

Move D – Felix [Workshop]

Hauke Freer – We Must Face Our Fears [Real Soon]

Christian Vogel – Rogue PROTOCHI [Tresor]

Unit Moebius – Chicken Pop [Disko B]

Joachim Speith – Clock (Jacek Sienkiewicz Remix) [Opossum]

Kim English – Nite Life (Basement Jaxx Nitebeats) [Polydor]

Greg Greene – Untitled [Aquarius]

Santonio – Homilies [Cyren]

DJ Genesis – Its U [Transmat]

Dave Angel – Airborne [Blunted Vinyl]

The Happy Clappies – O.D.M. [DAP]

Lester Fitzpatrick – Rush Hour [Relief]

Mike Dearborn – Atmosphere 16 [Tresor]

Violet Micro – …I Know [Tresor]

The Tuss – Synthacon 9 [Rephlex]

Depeche Mode – Mephisto [Sire]

Parametric – ES-30 [SSR]

Plant 43 – Gas Frame Canal [AI]

D5 – Lab Work [Delsin]

Shiver – Oiled Love [Shiver]

Lerosa – Regret [D1]

Russ Gabriel – Jochim’s Hour [Input Neuron Musique]

Prosthetic Memory