September 2004 Top 15 (caught up)

1. Juan Atkins : Back To Basics (Part 2) 12″

2. Mathew Jonson : Decompression EP 12″

3. Ame : Mifune / Shiro 12″

4. Omar S : Oasis – Detroit #1 12″

5. Henrik Schwarz : Supravision EP 12″

6. Freeq Unique : Who Are We / Mind & Soul 12″

7. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble : Running In The Streets – Charles Webster Remixes 12″

8. Bjork : Medulla 2 x 12″

9. Omar S : Always There 12″

10. Mathew Johnson : Love Letter To The Enemy EP 12″

11. Henrik Schwarz : Chicago 12″

12. Kenny Dixon Jr : Private Collection – 12″ 12″

13. Mathew Jonson / The Mole : Moss Rocks EP 12″

14. V/A : Bad Acid – Album Sampler 12″

15. Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy / Etienne De Crecy : Overnet / Soul Seek 10″

August 2004 Top 20 (making up for lost time)

1. Madvillain : Madvillainy 2 x 12″

2. V/A : Bigger Bear Vs. Hairy Claw – Clash Of The Big Paws 10″

3. Silvio Manuel : The Master Of Darkness EP 12″

4. Umod : Tromboline – Domu Mix / On The Down Low – Zoltar Mix 12″

5. Orgue Electronique : Texas Brooklyn Heaven 12″

6. I:Cube : F33z EP 12″

7. Madlib : Remixes 2 : 1980s Saturday Morning Edition (All Samples 1977-1982) 2 x 12″

8. DJ Yoav B : First Blood EP 12″

9. Spymusic : Cloak 12″

10. DJ Spinna : Compositions 2 LP

11. Rima : Subdued (Amp Fiddler and Isoul8 remixes) 12″

12. Bounce : Drop the Ball 12″

13. Lazyboy feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry : Penguin – Mad Professor & Manasseh Remixes 2 x 7″

14. Just One : Love 2 Love 12″

15. DJ Genesis / Omar S : Tribute To Betty (Tonight) / U 12″

16. Renaissance : Do it to It 12″

17. Dabrye : Game Over (Feat. Jay Dee And Phat Kat) 12″

18. Lindstrom : Plague the Kid 12″

19. RJD2 : Exotic Talk (Ltd edition) 12″

20. Amy Winehouse : In my Bed (BITA Remixes) 12″

Accidental Power Cut

Here’s the original press release from the show I went to last night. Same place I saw Monade, The High Llamas and The Sea and Cake last year.


The hub and Accidental Records are proud to present:



Commencing at 8 O’clock

The night will feature the incomparable vocalist Ms Dani Siciliano and keyboard maestro Mr Phil Parnell playing the music of big band leader, producer and accordianist Mr Matthew Herbert, Mr Max de Wardener will play with his band on their incredible musical bowls and indescribable devices!!! Ms. Mara Carlyle, accompanied by her group of first-class musicians will perform songs and airs featured on her debut Long Player “The Lovely”, and Mr John Matthias singer songwriter extraordinaire.

To these esteemed artists we will add special guests who cannot be named on this piece of promotional material

Artists appearing will be playing without recourse to or assistance from electrical instruments, amplification or sound reinforcement to whit:


We believe that such a night as this, offering wholly acoustic interpretations of electronic music, is a debut presentation by any impresario or collection of performers anywhere in the world.

Tickets may be purchased using a computer connected to the World Wide Web for the sum of £10 sterling at

the hub and The Accidental Records Company assure you that this performance will be second to none!

Further information can be found at




Tickets £10 from


Aside from Dani Siciliano’s microphone problems, it all went great. Max de Wardener had these huge glass bell things that he and two other percussionists were playing, although he mostly played the bass. He also used the mamothing organ. The music really translated well from the album from what I can tell (although I’ve only heard it straight-through once). Really hipnotic, slightly Reich-y stuff.

Siciliano and Mara Carlyle both used mics – the only amplification all night. Originally it was supposed to be amplification-free, but when John Matthias sang without one you could see why they chose to birng them out (he was really hard to hear). Part of the problem with Siciliano’s mic was that it clearly wasn’t the sort you are meant to sing directly into (it was clipped to her shirt originally), and when she did sing directly into it you often got loud nose sounds and shit like that. Nothing horrendous, but a distraction. She gradually got more acustomed to it as her set went on though, and when she closed with some more upbeat tunes she was well on-form. What a voice! Sounded just like it does on the recordings. She played all Herbert songs that she originally sung on, except one from her album, if I count correctly.

John Matthias was good, but eventually started to sound like the soundtrack to I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!.

I mean, what was up with the dude who had the maracas in his pocket? Or was that not part of that show??? Poop. Can’t remember.

Mara Carlyle was fucking stunning. She opened up with her three ‘angels’ singing some hymnal shit while she played the saw. She followed that up with a good chunk of her album. Her voice is just amazing. It’s been so long since I’ve seen someone who sings across so much range that they actually use their body to get the notes out right. She kinda reminds me of Allison Moyet, but better. Totally enthralling. Really glad I went.

Catching up on the new records posts

Mathew Jonson – Decompression EP – Minus

Chez Damier – Spiritual Warfare V.1 – Track Mode

Bjork : Medulla

Freeq Unique : Who Are We / Mind & Soul

Troubleman – Strikehard

Ohmega Watts – A Request/Illuminate (feat. Lightheaded & Lifesavas)

Mike Huckaby – Harmony Park Calssics Vol. 1

16B: Doubt (Hooj Choons) [Disclaimer re: Hooj, there’s a decent sounding Brooks remix on the cheap]

Crusho: Frontline EP (Q Tape France) [2nd try. Stock listing error last time]

Jonson, Matthew/The Mole: Moss Rocks EP (Arbutus US)

Willis: You Know Who (remix) [Another Brooks remix, which I think is something I really want, but not sure if it’s the right one. Was also cheap]

Mathew Johnson – Love Letter To The Enemy EP – Itiswhatitis

Ame : Mifune / Shiro

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble : Running In The Streets – Charles Webster Remixes

Omar S : 002

…which may help explain why I’m broke again despite the tax refund this month!

T-Funkshun @ The Magnet, Liverpool

Scott picked us up at Lime Street and took is to his abode, which happened to be in one of the coolest areas in Liverpool. We watched some Takeshi’s Castle and got some pizza. Headed to the Magnet, which is a really unusual place. It’s got loads of mafia booths and a small runway at the front of the downstairs stage, plus a separate DJ booth.

The pizza and the heat upstairs made a bit queasy early on, but by the time the early rock band (featuring a dude on Theremin) was done we got to check out Scott’s and Mark’s sets, which helped settle everything down a bit. The back room had a big fish tank beneath the booth. Wish I had pictures of some of this stuff. Both the early sets were nice, although I was a bit anxious to get on with my set after Scott started his set with six records I own!

My set went pretty well, although it wasn’t as tight as I would have hoped. I think there are at least 5 mixes I wish I had back. The crowd was great though. There were a handful of people who followed me throughout my set, which I was really happy with, since I covered a lot of territory. But what was really cool is that at every point in the set there were other groups of people who got totally into it. Even during the broken beat bit Mark’s girlfriend was singing along to everything, and I had feared that would be the part that would lose everyone. By the time I got the tempo up the dance floor was fairly consistently rocking – so I’m really happy with how well it went over.



Substance Abuse and MF Doom – Profitless Thoughts (Street) [Fat Beats]

The Pharcyde – Soul Flower (Remix) [Delicious Vinyl]

Renaissance Records – Do it to it [Renaissance Recordings]

The Afrobutt Express – Funk Surprise [Bigger Bear]

Tony Foster – After Party [Mode Recordings]

Diviniti – Find a Way (PirahnaHead’s Intense Dub) [Women on Wax Recordings]

Omar-S – Always There [FXHE Records]

Omar S – Oasis Detroit #1 [FXHE Records]

Silvio Manuel – La Mente Oscura que es Carlo Marx (The Dark Mind that is Carlo Marx) [Ferrispark Records]

Rick Wade – Night Station [Music Is… Records]

3 Chairs – Dreamz [MRKT Chairs Publishing]

The Rotating Assembly – Them Drums [Sound Signature]

Abe Duque – What Happened? (B1) [ADR]

Joshua – Rails [Music for Freaks]

Henrik Schwarz – Marvin [Mood Music]

Henrik Schwarz – Chicago [Mood Music]

Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Warfare [Track Mode Recordings]

Just One – Love2Love [Neroli]

Freeq Unique – Mind & Soul [Bitasweet Records]

DKD – Future Rage [Bitasweet/2000 Black]

Umod – Tromboline (Domu Rmx) [Sonar Kollektiv]

Rima – Telos (Isoul8 Remix) [Compost Records]

Orgue Electronique – Here I Come (Vengo) [Crème Organization]

Etienne de Crecy – Soul Seek [Different]

Aroy Dee / Peel Seamus – Razar [M>O>S Recordings]

Omar S – U – [Subgroundz Records]

DJ Yoav B – Luv Iz [Delsin]

I:Cube – Freez [Versatile Reocrds]

Perception and Mad Mike – Windchime [UR]

Juan Atkins – Dusk Til Dawn [New Religion records]

Mathew Jonson – Decompression [Minus]

Electrofunk – Bounce [Electrofunk Records]

Dan Curtin – Autonomic Groove [Down Low]

R-Tyme – R-Theme (Mayday Mix) [Transmat]

Kenny Larkin – Breathe [Peacefrog]

Dabrye – Magic Says [Ghostly International]

[313] 10th anniversary party (UK) (all tracks were created by one-time [313] list participants)

Newworldaquarium – Daze [Delsin]

Newworldaquarium – Tresspassers [Delsin]

Morgan Geist – I Want To… [SSR]

$tinkworx – Saliva (Putsch ’79 Remix) [Delsin]

$tinkworx – Yinmao [Platinum Projects]

Metro Area – The Art of Hot [Environ]

Ani – Love is the Message (For Those Who Didn’t Hear It) [Prescription]

Deep Forces – You’re my One & Only [Foreplay Recordings]

Merrick Brown – Stealth Crime [Tektite Recordings]

Stewart Walker – Something for You [Tektite Recordings]

Jacek Sienkiewicz – New Direction [Recorgnition]

Juan Atkins – Dusk Til Dawn [New Religion records]

Non Stop DJs – Furious (Raw Fury Dub) [Non Stop Productions]



Juan Atkins : Back To Basics (Part 2) – 12″

Morten Cargo & At Ease : A Gang Of Crows – 12″

Kenny Dixon Jr : Private Collection – 12″

Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy / Etienne De Crecy : Overnet / Soul Seek – 10″

Loosefingers : Glancing At The Moon – 12″

Omar S : Always There – 12″

Omar S : Oasis – Detroit #1 – 12″

Henrik Schwarz : Chicago – 12″

Henrik Schwarz : Supravision EP – 12″

Various Artists : Bad Acid – Album Sampler – 12″ (note: this sounds dooooooope. I hearby coin the phrase boompty acid. 🙂 )


CRUSHO: Traffic Jam EP (Q Tape France) 12″: (Q 009)

DIVINITI: Find A Way (Women On Wax US) 12″: (WOWR 4)

DUQUE, Abe: What Happened? (Abe Duque US) 12″: (ADR 007)

FOSTER, Tony: The After Party (Mixmode US) 12″: (MM 003)

KRIKARK: Boulevard Rushchourad (Karat France) 12″: (KARAT 013)

PERCEPTION & MAD MIKE: Windchime (Underground Resistance US) 12″: (UR 054)

SUBSTANCE ABUSE & MF DOOM: Profitless Thoughts (Threshold US) 12″: (THRS 6502)

Upcoming gigs

I should mention that I haven’t already mentioned I’m headlining T-funkshun in Liverpool on Friday the 17th. It’s one of the most respected parties in England, so I’m quite chuffed. Went up there for Kenny Larkin earlier this year and had a blast.

On the 18th I’ll be playing the London [313] 10th anniversary party @ the newly revamped Public Life, so be sure to come check that out if you’re around.