Eagle’s Trump

Recorded on October 23, 2004, Eagle’s trump was inspired by a friend’s comment that he though I was a ‘2+ hour man’ following my last 55 minute mix. I couldn’t fail him again. This one has some ambience, house, broken beat, synth pop, techno, electro and hip hop, so get your most sympathetic ears on for a 2 hour 43 minute trek. I also recorded this mix direct to computer rather than through minidisc, so it’s been encoded at 160 Kbps.

2020 note: all mixes taken down for now to re-post at higher bitrate on Mixcloud in due course. If you’re at all keen for me to do this, please let me know and I will try and get anything specific you want to hear moved over ASAP.


Krikark – Boulevard Rushchouard (B4) [Karat]

Savath & Savalas – Equipatge de Flors Seques [Warp]

Dani Siciliano – Same [!K7]

Umod – Just4Funksake [Sonar Kollektiv]

SpyMusic – Cloak [2000 Black]

Björk – Trimumph of a Heart [Wellhart]

The Songstress – See Line Woman [BBE]

Ron & Chez D – 054 (B2) [KMS]

Blake Baxter – Enjoy the Silence (P2: Inner Sight) [Mix Media]

Angora – Enchantment (Original Demo Mix) [Prescription]

4AM – Return of the Sea Trutle [Muzique Tropique]

4th Measure Men – The Need (MK’s Original Mix) [Area 10]

Maxwell – No One (AMG Remix) [AMG]

Osunlade present Nadirah Shakoor- Pride (Main mix) [Set]

Chateau Flight – Prism [Versatile]

Osunlade – Native Tongue (Miles Moore’s Foreign Tongue mix) [Got Soul]

Induceve – Time to Begin (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Classic]

David Alvarado – Aqua [Yoshi Toshi]

Native Funk – Retro Elements (Scott Ferguson’s Detroit Elements) [Rhythmic-Deep]

Vangelis – Blade Runner Theme (Re-edit) [COW white]

Orgue Electronique Here I come (Vengo) [Creme Organiztion]

Lucky & Easy – Pimp Soul Blister (A1) [Ann Aimee]

Freeq Unique – Mind & Soul [Bitasweet]

Titonton – Jam Pony [Amalgama]

Dan Curtin – Theory of 3/4/ Alpha [Inzec]

Mathew Jonson – 911, How Can I Help You? [Arbutus]

Kirk DeGiorgio – Climbing the Waterfall [New Religion]

UR – Timeline [UR]

Shed – Opulence (B1) [Solo Action]

Analog Fingerprints – Re-format yourself [Final Frontier]

Electrofunk – Bounce [Electrofunk]

Track Ghost – Gator [Non Stop]

Afronaught Presenté Son de Batey – Carnaval (Misa Negra) [Goya]

Ultradyne – Lardossen Search Squad [Pi Gao Movement]

Autechre – Pen Expers [Warp]

Substance Abuse and MF Doom – Profitless Thought [Fat Beats]

Savath & Savalas – Interludio Inconcreto [Warp]

Madvillain – Accordion [Stones Throw]

Aceyalone & Madlib – K.O. Player [Okayplayer]

Prosthetic Memory