Inadvertently bought some new tunes today

Dan Curtin : Synaptic EP (Klang Electronik Germany) – in a fairly restrained mode
Kai Alce : Corner Manuvers (Real Soon US) – missed this last Summer
Juju & Jordash : Blue Plates (Real Soon US) – slow and groovy. It’s the track at around 13 minutes in on the Paul Hammond mix on Sonic Sunset this week
San Proper / Steven de Pleven : Proper’s Amsterdam Family Series Part 1 (Rushhour Holland) – more crazy Detroit-inflected house business
San Proper / Tom Trago : Proper’s Amsterdam Family Series (Part 2) (Rushhour Holland)
Matthias Meyer / Sven Weisemann : Voltage (Liebe Detail Germany) – the Sven Weisemann is beautiful. Late, I know
Sven Weisemann : Vivid Memento (Styrax Leaves Germany) – Ditto on this. All four tracks are sounding pretty tight from the clips
Tony Allen : Ole (Honest Jon’s) – for the Moritz Von Oswald remix, which sounds fairly dope based on the clip

And I got these from a friend at the weekend:

Doctor Rockit – Indoor Fireworks (Lifelike)
Heidelberg Project feat. Bill Beaver – Searching (Dis House)
Heidelberg Project feat. Bill Beaver – Same Old Shit Different Day (Dis House)
The Matthew Herbert Big Band – The Process, The Parts, The Many And The Few (Accidental)
Titonton Duvante & John Tejada – Freaky Deaky EP (Residual)