Catching up on the new records posts

Mathew Jonson – Decompression EP – Minus

Chez Damier – Spiritual Warfare V.1 – Track Mode

Bjork : Medulla

Freeq Unique : Who Are We / Mind & Soul

Troubleman – Strikehard

Ohmega Watts – A Request/Illuminate (feat. Lightheaded & Lifesavas)

Mike Huckaby – Harmony Park Calssics Vol. 1

16B: Doubt (Hooj Choons) [Disclaimer re: Hooj, there’s a decent sounding Brooks remix on the cheap]

Crusho: Frontline EP (Q Tape France) [2nd try. Stock listing error last time]

Jonson, Matthew/The Mole: Moss Rocks EP (Arbutus US)

Willis: You Know Who (remix) [Another Brooks remix, which I think is something I really want, but not sure if it’s the right one. Was also cheap]

Mathew Johnson – Love Letter To The Enemy EP – Itiswhatitis

Ame : Mifune / Shiro

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble : Running In The Streets – Charles Webster Remixes

Omar S : 002

…which may help explain why I’m broke again despite the tax refund this month!