T-Funkshun @ The Magnet, Liverpool

Scott picked us up at Lime Street and took is to his abode, which happened to be in one of the coolest areas in Liverpool. We watched some Takeshi’s Castle and got some pizza. Headed to the Magnet, which is a really unusual place. It’s got loads of mafia booths and a small runway at the front of the downstairs stage, plus a separate DJ booth.

The pizza and the heat upstairs made a bit queasy early on, but by the time the early rock band (featuring a dude on Theremin) was done we got to check out Scott’s and Mark’s sets, which helped settle everything down a bit. The back room had a big fish tank beneath the booth. Wish I had pictures of some of this stuff. Both the early sets were nice, although I was a bit anxious to get on with my set after Scott started his set with six records I own!

My set went pretty well, although it wasn’t as tight as I would have hoped. I think there are at least 5 mixes I wish I had back. The crowd was great though. There were a handful of people who followed me throughout my set, which I was really happy with, since I covered a lot of territory. But what was really cool is that at every point in the set there were other groups of people who got totally into it. Even during the broken beat bit Mark’s girlfriend was singing along to everything, and I had feared that would be the part that would lose everyone. By the time I got the tempo up the dance floor was fairly consistently rocking – so I’m really happy with how well it went over.