Friendly reminder

Just in case anyone only reads this and not the local message boards.

To The Bone : Murder on the Dancefloor

Following an unfortunate incident at the George IV* on the morning of our last party, Brixton’s least appropriately-classified pub got shut down for 30 days. We relocated to Stockwell – to a real pub with old people and toilet seats. Sendex played three of the finest hours of live music any of our forty-three customers had ever heard. He was ridiculously, ridiculously good.

And then Max Duley performed a one-man re-enactment of Madonna’s Vogue Tour Stage Show. Needless to say, the night belonged to Duley. He’s back this month with a self-choreographed HI-NRG routine to be accompanied by the Pointer Sisters’ Jump (For My Love). Come marvel at a dancer at the very top of his profession.

Nick Craddock
Jamie Steere
Charlie Blue & Tony Little

George IV
144, Brixton Hill
10pm-4am // £5

*a resident child prostitute known to customers as Little Lord Fontanelle was drugged, raped and eaten to death on the dancefloor

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  1. Since when do you DJ under the name Phonopsia? I thought that was reserved for composing…