Dexter of the Avalanches last night

The place was really full – especially for a Tuesday (who the hell goes out on a Tuesday???), and almost entirely Antipodean from what I could tell. Not a bad thing, but you could tell a lot of people there were not your typical patrons of the underground, if you catch my drift. The music was so all over the map at the beginning that it was hard to feel comfortable, but around midnight Dexter settled into some proper DMC style business, then hit a great groove and took off from there. Never has pop music sounded so strange!

On this night, we heard Public Enemy, Pharcyde, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix twice, tons of Neptunes-y stuff, Beyonce, theme from Flash Gordon (mutated into somethignn devastating), lots of Avalanches (including some stuff that must be forthcoming, and seriously mind-blowing at that) and some of the tracks they sampled in making the last album, Underworld, loads of Dr. Dre-produced stuff, some P-Funk, The Cure, something vaguely metal-ish and one of the weirdest segments I’ve ever heard, which twisted something I’m not remembering into The Outkast into Fischerspooner into Cyndi Lauper into Tim Mass into The Clash. Steve – fill in the blanks! Seriously strange vibe in there, and by no means the tightest feeling of community I’ve ever felt @ PP, but a really interesting and rewarding night regardless. Very glad I went.