New Haul

Amp Fiddler : Waltz of the Ghetto Fly [really really limited advanced promo that I am very lucky to have caught (with some help). Went out of stock in an hour or two, by the looks of it. Could be the album of the year, err, next year]

Blockhead : Insomniac Olympics – 12″ [Nutty new Ninja Tune picture disc. Very cinematic]

De La Soul : Da Age Of De Daisy – Best Of Da Remixes – 2xLP [Lots of remixes – prolly a boot. Haven’t got their first album, so this is sort of a replacement for some of that, and it’s got that Spinna remix of Stakes is High, which is pretty tasty]

Four Tet : As Serious As Your Life (Remix 1) [A cheapo 7″, but some really twisted instrumental hip hop]

Future Beat Alliance : Lumiere – 12″ [More straight-forward than his earlier stuff, but a pretty nice fit into that Versatile world of Parisian/Detroit techno, but erm, from England]

Horror Inc : Horrorama EP [Wicked Akufen track if ya don’t know it yet (Thanks to mah boyee Crudmonster 4 the tip)]

I:Cube : 3 – 2xLP [Finally getting my mits on it!]

Jazzanova : Another New Day/Love And You & I [Stereolab, Dr. Rockit and Madlib remixes -i.e. my name all over it]

Joshua : Nu Cycles [Joshua doin’ his boompty house thang some mo’]

Kelley Polar Quartet : Recital EP – 12″ [Wicked! An absolute must for Metro Area or string-laden disco fans. This one adds vocals too! Probably better than the first one IMHO]

Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver : Play The Game (Chicago & San Francisco Remixes) – 12″ [Bouncy-ass Joshua remix with typically dope bassline]

Lucky & Easy : Pimp Soul Blister EP [New one on Ann Aimee. Surprisingly mid-tempo with much more prominent beats than I would’ve expected]

Natalie Gardiner : Trouble In Mind / Going Down Slow / Move Me – 12″ [This is the remixes 12″. Gorgeous techy soul sorta like Spacek, but with female vocals. This 4lux label looks to be one to watch – run by Gerd, formerly 1/2 of Sensurreal, if memory serves]

Neon Phusion : The Future Ain’t The Same As It Used 2 B [Slightly older Oren Walters thing – finally found it in stock. Possibly my favorite pseudonym of his]

Niko Marks : Chune / Truly Something – 12″ [Chune is the chune]

Rough Trade Shops : Electronic 01 (album sampler) [Includes Rod Freeman & The Blue Men, Throbbing Gristle, Arovane, Stereolab]

Stereo People Vs. Music People : Won’t Leave You / Baggershack [More Joshua with help from south of the equator, but the b-side sounds more like a return to the ultra-lush, melodic Circulation material like Patternis/Memory/Ex-Tempo. Picked it up for that]

Starfighterz : 4 Flavours Of A Two-Sided Story [More amazing proper techno from Delsin]

Theo Parrish : That Day / How I Feel – 12″ [Repress = yay!]

Titonton : Explicit EP [The beat on the dub on this one sounds great. Not sure how it develops yet though]

Yotoko : Wet Ink – 2xLP [Domu can do no wrong]

Yotoko : All Creation Remix EP [Ditto – will also fill a gap since this track isn’t on the album above]

And that oughta hook me up for a while. 🙂