Tracklist from Sud

Recoil – Stone [Mute]
Doctor Rockit – Café de Flore [Lifelike]
Dave Aju – Xibalbanasazi [Circus Company]
Laszlo Beckett – Keep Counting [Hand on the Plow]
Second Life feat. Jimmie Wilson – Inner Love {Give It Up) (Black Keys Rework) [Running Back]
Terre Thaemlitz presents Chugga – Theme for the Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance (Deep Space Probe Remix) [Mule Electronic]
Chez Damier – Warfare [Trackmode]
Omar S. – U [Subgroundz]
Gemini – Klonopin [Relief]
Aardvark – Cult Copy (Dexter’d Dikke Cult Copy mix) [Rush Hour]
Brian Harris – Chemistry [Chicago Underground]
Tha Poke – Uncommon Sense [Iridite]
Kit Clayton – W-Shape [Parallel]
Depeche Mode – Told You So [Mute]
Robert Babicz – The Cloudpainter [Out of Orbit]
Sven Weisemann – Slices [Liebe Detail]
Substance & Vainquer – Reverberation [Scion Versions]
Deep Chord – Electromagnetic Dowsing (The Final Step) [Synth]
Sven Weisemann – Aequittal [Styrax Leaves]
I:Cube – Un Proton Pour Toi, Un Neutron Pour Moi [Versatile]
Redshape – Pain [Styrax Leaves]
Jacek Sienkiewicz – Breath [Recognition]
Ray Valioso – Keep It [Real Soon]
Dan Curtin – Executive Order 12333 [Metamorphic]

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