Tracklist for my set on Dan’s radio show last month

Apologies about the lack of label listings. Think I omitted those when writing them down initially. Doh. Hope to have an archive of the tunes soon.

Big Black-Kerosene-Touch N’ Go
Doubting Thomas-The Run-Netwerk
De La Soul-I.C. Y’all-Tommy Boy
ATCQ-Baby Phife’s Return-
Nine Inch Nails-March of the Fuckheads-
Front 242-Don’t Crash-
David Byrne-Ava (Nu Wage)-
Wagon Christ-Aerhaart; Ahead-
Move D-Xing Jordan / Seven-
Mappa Mundi-Trance Fusion-
The Ambush-Terra-
Sun Electric-Sarotti-
Tylervision-The Last Human-
Full Moon Scientists-Fatwah Boogi (Acid Raintrancer Mix)-
A Small, Good Thing-Ostrichism-
Depeche Mode-It Doesn’t Matter Two-
Pelican Daughters-Auarascape-
Skinny Puppy-Love-
Autechre-Arch Carrier-
P-Eye-Eye-Lost at Sea-
The Sabres of Paradise-Edge 6-
Daft Punk-Veridis Quo-