The Depeche Mode 101 Rose Bowl Concert

It’s good. It’s basically just the CD with video accompaniment though. So buy the DVD for the whole package, buy the CD/vinyl for your routine listening needs.

I still think this is such a perfect time capsule of (pockets of) American infatuation with Depeche Mode. There are moments in almost every song that have a huge affect on me. PIMPF in particular invokes a direct emotional response as soon as it’s playing. It is the musical invocation of anticipation.

As I watch it I get grand ideas (as I am prone to do) abut throwing these tracks in to DJ sets. I would love to hear the 101 version of Stripped on a Funktion 1 system to kick off a DJ set, or Everything Counts to end one. I just wish people who are brave enough to include DM in their DJ sets would reach beyond the obvious. The last thing we need is DJs playing the DM equivalent of Blue Monday (and might I add what an absolutely worthless selection that is as a DJ). I would be happy for many months if someone surprised me and dropped Blue Dress in the middle of a set.