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Waldorf Microwave XT

New kit! I had previously convinced myself that my synth shopping was done, but I recently figured out that I would never bother using the ROMpler sounds in my RM1X (still digging it as a sequencer though) and that I didn’t need to be routing the out from my effects box in to one of the proper stereo channels in the mixer when there’s a “playback” channel that would accommodate that just fine. So I decided to fill these recently-emptied channels. I was initially toying with the idea of getting a Blofeld, but decided that since I have a Q that I love already, the XT would be the way to go. And it has two stereo outs.

I’ve not yet really spent any time with the manual, but the short amount of time I’ve spent fiddling with a couple of sounds has left me really impressed. Here’s some gear pr0n:

New synth:

Revised studio setup:

Now I just need to get some monitors and I should be basically done. There’s no space left in the mixer for expansion and no space on the desk for a larger mixer, so I think this should be a it for a while! Not that I’m left wanting, mind.