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New Carts II

Another imaginatively titled mix from a Sunday with new cartirdges. A bit broader than the last one. Very sorry about the hideous mix into Jus-Ed and Kevin James. Get it here.


Mouse On Mars – Hallo [Rough Trade]

Burial – Night Bus [Hyperdub]

Flying Lotus – Pet Monster Shotglass [Plug Research]

Dimlite – The Way Blood Travels [Sonar Kollektiv]

RJD2 – Clean Living [Definitive Jux]

Newworldaquarium – The Force [NWAQ]

Karma – Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix) [Compost]

Daniel Meteo – Beautiful (Making Music w/u) [Kalk Pets]

Rod Modell – Lama Temple (Unreleased Version) [Styrax]

Nick Solé – World Dubbing [Mojuba]

Jus-Ed & Kevin James – Baltimore Love [Underground Quality]

K Soul & Ra.H – Untitled [Morphine]

The Oliverwho Factory – The 1 [Madd Chaise Inc]

Redshape – Steam [Delsin]

Pendle Coven – Habitual Stress [Modern Love]

Jacek Sienkiewicz – Living in Oblivion [Smallville]

Jack S. – Forgot to Tell You [Recognition]

Dettmann|Klock – Scenario [Ostgut Tonträger]

Parallel 9 – Technic [Artless]

New Carts

Got some Shure Whitelabel cartridges yesterday which sound so good I had to have a mix. The usual smattering of styles. Hope y’all enjoy it. Download

Dimlite – Jose’s Views [Aim]
Flying Lotus – Spicy Sammich [Warp]
Aardvarck – Nose [Rush Hour]
Reggie Dokes – The Skin I’m In [Third Ear]
Atheus – InChain FX [Millions of Moments]
Substance & Vainquer – Libration [Scion Versions]
CV313 – Space [Echospace]
ERP – Vox Automation [Frustrated Funk]
Gescom – A2 [Skam]
Melvin Oliphant – X-Solara (Epic Version) [M>O>S]
M Pittmann – There’s Somebody Out There [Unirhythm]
Roland Appel – Dark Soldier [Sonar Kollektiv]
DJ Joe T. Vanelli featuring Csilla – Play with the Voice (MAW In Your Face Mix) [Nervous]
Miguel Graça Presents Soulnotmind – Pineapple [Bombay]
Red Nail feat. Noni – Never Mind [Blue Cucaracha]