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So… it’s been a while since I’ve given a local update. Saw Sendex on Saturday at To the Bone. Seeing as most of y’all reading this will have seen my reports elsewhere by now, I’ll just say that he was phenomenal. He played live for 3 hours. Run, don’t walk if he’s ever near you.

From last Saturday through six weeks from then we will have had Kenny Larkin, ACGC, Britich Murder Boys, Domu, Larry Heard, Kirk Detroitio, Theo Parrish, Colin Dale, Aux 88, Fabrice Lig, DJ Bone, Akufen, most of Minus, Darshan Jesrani, Convextion, Hieroglyphic Being, Henrik Schwarz, Ame, Dixon, Stewart Walker, DJ Pete and Dynarec, not to mention the as-yet unannounced guests at Spacebass. I’ve got a real indication of a hangover coming on. London crews are really pushing things forward so far this year. Looks very promising.