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I don’t think I’ve seen a crowd as up for it on a Thursday since I was last in London @ Buramba. But that was drum ‘n bass and this is techno. I wandered in soon after 10 and the first song I heard was Theo Parish’s ‘I Can’t Take It’. This is a techno night if ever there was one and Mark Broom was playing Theo Parish! At any rate… that didn’t last long. Within 4 songs he was well into techno, but not long thereafter I heard two songs from Designer Music Volume 1 and Rob Hood’s ‘Detroit: One Circle’. By 11:00 the place was filling up and by 11:30 it was full. Mark Broom’s set was seriously top-notch. I didn’t disagree with a single song. Most of it took me by surprise. Towards the end he really cranked it up to lead into Carolla and played his latest track with that severe bass-driven beat and the ghostly whail. Not sure what it’s called, but it sounded SICK on the Propoganda sound system. Mark Broom was brilliant. I can’t say enough good things about his set. Everything I’m looking for in a techno DJ.

Marco Carolla got on and tore it up for about 5 tracks, then settled into ‘European style’ a bit much for my taste. The mixing was great, and I was feeling about 1/3 of the tracks, but the other tracks were a tad

Chris Liebing got on and after about 10 minutes of setting up odd gear ripped into it, but I felt about the same during his set as I did during Carolla’s. Great moments, but the total track selection didn’t cut it. However, I had a great time, dancing most of the night, largely because the crowd was so into it.