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Süd Electronic with Move D (Live + DJ), Portable/Bodycode (Live) and Me: Saturday, 4 April, 2009 (Dalston)

I’m a last minute addition to the Süd lineup again. Should be wicked. Move D is playing live and doing a three-hour DJ set. When I played with him last year in the crazy loft it was so crowded I found it hard to enjoy his set. This party is in the same great venue as the last two and attendance will be capped at 300. Although the space is large, the dancefloor filled up a bit at the last two, so this should spread things out a bit. Funktion 1 sound again. Portable is debuting his new Bodycode album live too. Here’s the full blurb:

Line Up :
Move D – Live Set & 3hr Dj Set ( Source , Uzuri , Dial , Compost , Philpot , Mule , Running Back , Modern Love )

Portable/Bodycode – Live set ( Perlon , Musik Kause , Süd , Spectral , Yore , Scape , Karat )

Support Dj :
Lakuti ( Uzuri , Süd )
Tristan Watkins Aka Phonopsia
Visuals By Valero Doval : http://www.valerodoval.com/

Date : 4th April 2009
Times : 10 pm – Late
Venue : BG’S NITE CLUB – 71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, E8 4BD –
The venue is behind Shacklewell Arms .

Door Charge : £10 Advance tickets from :
Otherwise £12 on the door and subject to availability .

Infoline : 07853371939
Email : [email protected]

Words :
We are back after a much needed hiatus , for our party season opener with man of the moment Move D and the equally talented Portable/Bodycode on the 4th of April .

Move D ;
Much has been written about Move D in recent months & we are glad that he is receiving all these props as we think that the man is a genius !!!
If his recent dj stint @ Warm @ Plastic People is anything to go by , we are all in for an excellent treat !!
2008 year was a huge year for Move D ; with Resident Advisor subscribers voting him amongst the top 3 of the best live acts in electronic music for 2008 , Ace podcasts and endless tours e.t.c. This is no fly by night artist . David Moufang Aka Move D has been honing his skills for a long time . One of our favourite dj’s and producers .
We are also pleased to have been the first promoters to book him to play in london . He has been playing our first party of the year now since 2007 . His kindly offered to play a live set for us on the night as well as a 3hr dj set !!!
So expect the very best in House & Techno !!

Portable/Bodycode :
2008 was also a huge year for Alan Abrahams aka Portable/Bodycode ; with his wonderful new school with a retro twist excursions on Perlon & Musik Krause . His started 2009 on a good footing as well , sharing billings with the likes of Omar S in LA last weekend as well as a quick turn in New York .
Spectral will be releasing a second album by the man , under his Bodycode guise in May 2009 . A 12″ vinyl taster featuring a track taken off the album will be released in March . This 12″ will feature a remix by Babyford .
His kindly offered to play a world exclusive live set , showcasing the album . i’ve had the pleasure of sampling the album as well as featuring on one of the tracks on vocal duties and i must say this is a fresh as you like outing ! !
Unmissable in other words .

Venue :
We have been using this Dalston venue since last October . Our favourite venue yet . Proper underground , just the way we like it , with an ace enclosed garden and decent security !!

we apologise for the less than perfect sound quality at our xmas bash at this venue . We were running the Funktion one on a pioneer mixer and as a result the sound quality was compromised . we will be running it this time on an Allen & Heath or Funktion 1 Formula Mixer so there will be a noticeable difference this time around !

We will be limiting the capacity to 300 this time around as we do not want to pack the venue out too much , this time around .

Links :

And one more for good measure.

Saturday June 7 – Süd Electronic With Move D, Lerosa (Live debut), Lakuti and me

Got me another gig coming up at the next Süd. I’m most pleased to be playing beside long-time musical hero Move D and Lerosa, who’s recent releases have been some of the most consistent and varied around. In addition to being exciting on account of the talent, it’s being held in Sud’s best venue, last used when Move D rolled through town and tore shit up last year AND there will also be a Funktion 1 rig installed, which should pretty neatly round things out.

Here’s the full poop:

Süd Electronic Presents Uzuri Recordings With Move D & Lerosa (live ) – 7th June 2007

Powered By A Funktion 1 Soundsytem @ A Secret Top Floor Loft Style Venue In East London

Move D – 3 Hour Dj Set ( Uzuri ,Source , Compost , Dial , Modern Love , Workshop , Philpot )

Lerosa – Live ( Uzuri ,Real Soon, Enclave , A Touch Of Class , Millions Of Moments , D1)

Dj Support

Lakuti (Uzuri , Süd )
Tristan Watkins Aka Phonopsia (www.phonopsia.com)

Date : 7th June 2007
Times : 10 pm – Late
Venue : A Secret Top Floor Loft Style Venue in East London
Venue details to be revealed nearer the date .
Limited Capacity so advance ticket purchase advisable .
Tickets Priced at £10 + BF More on the door !
Advance tickets From

[email protected]
Thanx so much for those who came out to support us and Rick Wade on the 4th of April .
The 7th of June sees us back in action and most importantly in our favourite venue .
This Top Floor Loft Style venue comes with a crazy 60’s style lift ; in the E2 area . This is where we honed and nurtured what we do now & we’ve always had a special time there . my favourite time being around 5 am when the sun comes seeping through the window , with a handful of people still shuffling on the dancefloor with big smiles on their faces .Classic ! Smile

The One ingredient that has been lacking in these proceedings though , has been a great soundsytem …
Well ,that’s about to change .We will be bringing in , arguably the most in demand soundsytem . A Funktion 1 soundsystem will take it’s place of pride at this sweet venue .

Music and guests wise ; we will be celebrating & presenting the talent on Uzuri Recordings and beyond .
Uzuri came to life last November with a rather tasty ep by Lerosa , which was followed by a heavyweight ep by the legend that is Move D .It seemed appropiate to invite both Move D & Lerosa to come represent what Uzuri is all about .

Move D

David Moufang aka Move D needs no introduction to any one with an interest in electronic music .One of the true pioneers and gems in the european electronic scene .Can this man do no wrong ??? It’s seems not .With excellent releases also , on Compost , Workshops ,Philpot , Modern Love ; A recent killer 12″ on Dial Records alongside Benjamin Brunn and shortly an album on Dial with benjamin Brunn . His ep on the youthful Uzuri has been the biggest release so far. Now in it’s 3rd repress .Known for his impressive collaborations too , .Not only is he an outstanding producer ,lucky for us , he is also an excellent dj .On this occassion , expect the best in Deep House and Techno & what ever else that may take his fancy .

For More on Move D :


Leopoldo Rosa aka Lerosa has been causing somewhat of a stink with his excellent output .With his first release on Dublin’s D1 label , quickly followed by excellent releases on Real Soon & Enclave Recordings , then followed an ep on ATC quickly followed by his ep for Uzuri .Then features on Germany’s Debug Magazine , as well as Groove Mag soon followed and most recently , an article on London’s Faith’s Strobelight Honey Magazine .Not one to rest on his laurels , there are already ep’s scheduled for release on Uzuri as well as the Styrax affiliated label ; Millions of Moments ; which has seen big records from Redshape , Aaron Carl e.t.c. as well as an ep on Real Soon .
The 7th of June will see Lerosa unveiling his Live Set to the public , for the first time ever .

For More on Lerosa :

Move D and Lerosa will be supported by Tristan Watkins aka Phonopsia & Lakuti .

We will be on a summer break after this one so do not miss !

Hope you can make it !

246 Mix

This is a rough ‘n ready one-off mix recorded on February 4, 2006 – my first time mixing in about three weeks after injuring my hand. Similar to most of my more recent mixes, this mix is comprised of mostly newer house and techno stuff, with a couple of electro cuts, a brief, nostalgic journey through Chicago, and my effort to resurrect interest in David Moufang. Oh, and the now-obligatory inclusion of MF DOOM. Encoded at 256 Kbps, clocking in at 2 hours, 46 minutes.

Get it here.


Danger Doom – Bada Bing [Epitaph]

Hiro Ohta – Kakera (Yoav B Mix) [Miso]

Theo Parrish – Capritarious #7 [Sound Signature]

Kahil El’Zabar – He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Deeper Soul]

Furry Phreaks – Tearful [Miso]

Ron Trent – DuB LiFe (Dub Hi Fi) [Atal]

Young Seth – Moment [FXHE]

Move D – I.O.U. [Bruchstuecke]

Wamdue Kids – Can We Start Again [Acacia]

Turner – When Will We Leave (Robert Hood Remix) [Ladomat]

Monolake – Plumbicon (Live in Osaka) [ML/I]

Skat – Postcard [Karat]

Mikaël Weill – Scarlito [Karat]

Move D – Montagskino [Liebe Detail]

Studio Pankow – Heidelberger Platz [City Centre Offices]

Aardvarck – Aardbij (Extended 12″ Version) [Rush Hour]

DJ Gregory – Vasefa [Faya Combo]

Quentin Harris – Let’s Be Young [URA]

Roman – True Love Owes Us Shit (So in La With You Remix by Losoul) [Kalk Pets]

Dominik Eulberg – Gastof “Zum Satten Bass” (89 Mix) [Trapez Ltd]

Egoexpress – We Are Here [Ladomat]

Johnny Fiasco – D-Drive [Distant Music]

DJ Sneak – Because Your Love Ain’t True [Down Town 161]

Gemini – Movement [NRK]

Green Velvet – Water Molecule [Music Man]

Green Velvet – Electrocution [Music Man]

Mathew Jonson – Spanish (Hrdvision Remix) [Wagon Repair]

DJ Yoav B – Energize [Wabi Sabi]

Isoul8 – How I Feel [Stagioni]

Thomas Jirku – West Bestern [Arbutus]

Titonton & DJ Mochizuki – Expanded (Titonton Refreak) [Loop Sounds]

Jacek Sienkiewicz – Still Forward [Recognition]

Shed – Connex [Soloaction]

Arne Weinberg and Shawn Rudiman – The Lost Arts [Technoir Audio]

AFX – VBS.Redlof.B [Analord]