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Red Star, Camberwell, with Ian Cheshire and Ryan Blackman

When we arrived the sound was unbelievably quiet. After a while we got pretty fed up with it and tried to track down a sound guy. I told them I’d come all the way from Detroit to play, and it would be really dissapointing if the audience couldn’t hear it. Hehehe. It worked. For once the American accent came in handy. 🙂 We got just enough volume out of it that we could kinda hear, but not until Ryan’s set was half over. 🙁 My set went surprisingly well given I’d only mixed four times since April, and hadn’t had most of the records for the last two years. Ian followed with some chunky tune provision, but I think by the time 3:00 rolled around most people had had enough of the Red Star. We left right as things wound down, had a lengthy trip home given how close it is, and promptly fell sound asleep.