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Sloppy Ass Broken Beat Mix

I did this mix to give an audio accompaniment to a broken beat thread on [313] lately. Have a gander if so inclined. Here’s the disclaimer:

Unfortunately, this mix didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. It’s kinda sloppy in a couple of parts. Hopefully you don’t think any of my mess is too disastrous. I’ve never actually tried to mix an entire set of broken beat stuff before. While I’m usually telling people it’s not *that* hard to mix, I was making that assessment based on including a few songs in a varied mix, but to put together a whole set is an entirely different matter. It’s really difficult. I tried to work it out almost every night this week, but after tonight’s go, I decided I’d accomplished the introductory mission and I didn’t have the energy to try and perfect such a difficult mix (I almost always abandon preconceived mixes). So I figured better to produce something rough than nothing at all…

I’m not totally happy with the breadth of what I covered either, but I really do love all the songs, so hopefully it will be enjoyable on that merit if flawed in other respects. 14 tracks clocking in at 51 minutes (the last track has mysteriously disappeared – think I ran out of disk space while adding maximization). Arghhh… Sorry for the abrupt ending. Doh! Anyway, here it is:

Sloppy Ass Broken Beat Mix


Domu – The Long Way Up – Neroli

Dapp – First Off (Dub Version) – OMOA Music

Recloose feat. Justin Chapman – Ain’t Changin’ (Extended Mix) – Planet E

Nutmeg – Oscar’s Shed (Rima Re-prise) – Neroli

Mustang – Twilight (Freedom Soundz re-edit) – Visions

Alex Attias & Ed Motta – Sus 4 Jam – Visions

Russ Gabriel – Offenbach West – Out of the Loop

Seiji – Second Nature (Exclusive Dub) – Bitasweet Records

Seiji feat. Lyric L – Loose Lips – Bitasweet Records

Red Nose Distrikt – N.Y. Boom (Domu’s Nose-Beast Mix) – Rushhour Records

Plutonia – Wear Your Size – Visions

Russ Gabriel – Flip Down to Break – Emoticon Recordings

Nubian Mindz – Burning – Twisted Funk

Somatik – Prismatik – Twisted Funk