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Tracklist for gig @ Banzai in Daugavpils

Skinny Puppy – Love [Nettwerk]
Aroy Dee – Boracic [M>O>S]
T.O.M. Project – Renaissance [Sound Signature]
Lil’ Louis – Video Clash [Soul Jazz]
Oasis – Oasis #1 [FXHE]
No Milk – Voice of… [Rhapsody]
The Mole – In My Song [Wagon Repair]
Forcept 1 – FR:01:V1 (Akufen Remix) [Concept]
Horror Inc. – Siamese Twins [Revolver]
Monolake – Stratosphere [Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music]
Atjazz – For Real (Version Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
Julien Jabre – Swimming Places [Elias]
DJ Gregory – And [Faya Combo]
Kuniyuki – Precious Hall (Original Mix) [Natural Resource]
Atom Heart – L.T.B.C.Y.B. [Recognition]
Green Velvet – I Want to Leave My Body [Relief]
Mathew Jonson – Spanish (Hrdvsion Remix) [Wagon Repair]
Thomas Barnett – Thrill of the Hunt [Audiomatique]
Surgeon – Magneze [Downwards]
Max Duley – Eternal Bleeding [Arc]
Claude Young – Angelic [Deta]
Convextion – Spice Tea [Down Low]
Trolley Route – Tempure (Sterac Mix) [Pure Plastic]
Planetary Assault Systems – Take Back [Peacefrog]
Jacek Sienkiewicz – Still Forward [Recognition]
Kaito – Breaking the Star [Kompakt]
Quiet Daze – November [Transmat]
Tomas Jirku – West Bestern [Arbutus]
Cobblestone Jazz – 5th Element [It Is What It Is]
D5 – Sides of Space [Delsin]
Jacen Solo – Sculptor [Open Mind Recordings]
Reporter – K for Cars [Open Mind Recordings]
Raiders of the Lost Arp – Funk 006 [Pigna]
Front 242 – Don’t Crash [Wax Trax]
DWA – DWA [Recognition]
Doubting Thomas – The Run [Wax Trax]

Back from the Baltics

Had a wicked time. One gig got busted, played an unexpected gig in Vilnius and an awesome one at Banzai in Daugavpils on their sick 20K rig, for three hours. It was defintely one of the best DJing experiences of my life. But the whole trip was great. The Lithuanian country side, hanging with my cousin, checking out some really interesting places, meeting great new people – all awesome, with only the minimum of bumps on the road (other than the busted gig). Full report and loads of pics to come. For now, here’s a couple of video clips from Hannah’s phone that y’all can hopefully check, from Saturday’s gig. The sound is distorted to hell, but it might give a feel for the venue and crowd.

Clips zipped

For some reason downloading these 3gp files doesn’t seem to want to work when they have that file extension, so I’ve zipped them. Hope y’all can download zips and play 3gp. If anyone has alternate suggestions, I’d be glad to know them as well. Cheers!