New records

A long-overdue catch-up:

Two I forgot about

KING GEEDORAH: Take Me To Your Leader (Big Dada) LATE
VARIOUS: The Electric Institute (New Religion) LATE
SMBP: Stars Falling EP (Citymorb Italy)
MASKELA, Hugh: The Boy’s Doin’ It (Carl Craig remix) (Verve) for the Carl Craig remix
ALIF TREE: Forgotten Places (remixes) (Compost Germany) for the Moodymann remix
TOM PROJECT: Renaissance (Sound Signature US) LATE
MF DOOM: Vomit (Super Bro US)
HERBERT, Matthew feat MARA CARLYLE/RJD2: Nice Dream (Exit France)
ROSE, Jesse: More Than One: LP Sampler 2 (Front Room) for the Henrik Schwarz remix
MODEL 500: The Flow (repress) (R&S Belgium) for the Jedi Knights remix
MODEL 500: Deep Space (repress) (R&S Belgium)
POINT BLANK: Meng’s Theme (remixes) (repress) (R&S Belgium)
HERBERT: Scale (K7)
MOST KEYS ARE AUTO REPEAT: Old As Ice (Lazycuts Germany)
GONZALEZ, Delia & GAVIN RUSSOM: Relevee (remixes) (DFA UK) for the Carl Craig remix
RHYTHM & SOUND: See Mi Yah Remixes #3 (Burial Mix Germany) for the Vainquer remix
D5: Neutrino EP (Delsin Holland)
DJ GREGORY: Faya Combo Cuts Vol 3 (Faya Combo France)
POINT B: Cutouts (SCSI)

Loads of good represses form R&S here and on the way. Clasic stuffs. Some of what formed my tastes the most.

The new Herbert album is nice. Here’s a review I posted up on [313] the other day:

So I know this isn’t [313]-germain per se, but we’ve talked about new Herbert albums every time they come out, so… may as well do it again.
There’s clips, a free mp3 and video up here:
I think the track in the video is a good example of what a lot of the album is like. It’s absolutely drenched in live string orchestrations, but in more of a disco way than the big band album perhaps? I guess he uses them in lots of ways but I think they really tie this album together. Dani Siciliano and Neil Thomas team up really nice on the vocals as well. It’s not particuarly dancefloor orientated but there are a couple of tracks that will work for sure. Anyway… I’ve only heard it twice so far but I think it’ll be a real grower.

That Point B 12″ is the nuts. It’s playing now Really mad down-tempo electro. Saw him live in August and he blew me away. Stumbled across this and it’s doing the same. I rarely buy electro, so consider this a TIP!

The new Auto-Repeat is a welcome return. Need more DJ Elin!

The Plant 43 thing up at the top is yet more electro, this time from my friend Emile, who makes wicked melodic stuff. Check it.

I think the rest of this stuff is more widely known/anticipated. Check the new DJ Gregory for the B-side though. Oh, and the D5 is super-bad. Brilliant Deslin-techno.