A new haul, and more on that last one

From Boomkat (not in-hand yet):

Rene Lowe + Paul St. HilaireFaith (late on this one)

V/ASuperlongevity 3 (late on this one)

Arne WeinbergCupola (from the clips I’d say this is probably my favorite Arne release to date)

Claro IntellectoPeace Of Mind EP (late on this one)

From Piccadilly:

John Beltran : Candela / Starlight Memories – Kirk Degiorgio Remix – Ubiquity 12″ (Wicked straight through. Starlight Memories features Stateless (no, not Woody Allen, sorry), and is one of the better of his newer organic releases that I’ve heard. The Kirk Degiorgio mix is some wicked broken techno with the Stateless vocal in tact. Excellent. Should be a no-brainer for Ubiquity fans)

Russ Gabriel : The Crossing – Soul on Wax 12″ (The a-side is big and latin in a Russ Gabriel kinda way – one of the more appealing straight-up house tracks he’s done IMO. The b-side is a mad dub of it – properly dubby. Sounds very unusual in a latin/broken/dubbed way, but is rather minimal in a maybe-wish-it-did-more kinda way. Can’t wait to get my mits on the new album – which I’ve only seen @ Rush Hour so far)

Ennio Morricone : Remixes Volume 2 – Compost 3xLP (Playing right now. Seems to be mostly broken beat and house of the highest calibre. I think both these triple-packs are going to be hot items for a long time to come once people get over the 3x-pack sticker shock. Not a moment of filler on either one from what I can tell, with each remixer turning in efforts worthy of the task.)

Nitzer Ebb : Murderous – Phil Kieran Mix / Control I’m Here – LFO Mix – Nova Mute 12″ (Both sound nice. Still need to ingest.)

Marco Passarani : I House You / Clair – Peacefrog 12″ (Mad vocodered Jungle Bros. electro remake on the a-side. Ethereal techno on the flip with disco synth lines dominating. Both much better than I could count on from the audio clips.)

Squarepusher : Ultravisitor – Sampler – Warp 12″ (Whole thing is great, with A-1 and B standing out. Big melodies. First Squarepusher I’ve bought since his first one, so I may not be the best person to spout off about this one.)

Stereolab : Margarine Eclipse – Duophonic 2xLtd LP (Yarr… eat my limited pressing of the new one! Sounds very electronic in some bits, yet overall not a huge departure from recent albums. Sounds lonely without Mary Hansen. 🙁 Still need to properly ingest. Their albums always take a few listens for me.)

$tinkworx : Los Gatos Lloros EP – Delsin 12″ (more goodness from Stinki – The Putsch ’79 remix in particular is some funky disco meets techno action that I’m totally drooling over.)

Ultramarine : Carl Craig Remixes – Real Soon 12″ (finally the repress…)

And some further comments on these purchases from last week:

Kai Alce : M-7 – Mahogani 12″ (Totally seductive and minimal. Those moaning voices! I *really* like this although the face-valueness required a bit of an attitude readjustment. Can’t wait to hear this loud. It’s gonna DESTROY!!!)

Brothomstates : Rktic / Matala Bobo – Arcola 12″ (Another one that I vascilated on for a while before deciding that I really like it. The vocals on the B-side are very unexpected. I think the overuse of delay on this one made me suspect there wasn’t as much to it as there is, but it does have it all there, and both tracks take a long time to develop into the big epicness they arrive at. Cool.)

Chef : Extraball (The Remixes) – Grill 12″ (The Kemit Sources remix is a bit stripped down for what it is, but still works well. Perhaps not as compelling as some of their other stuff for the almost-trackyness of it, but still nice. The Freaks mix gets tired quickly)

DJ Genesis : Back in the Middle (The Remixes) – Dynamite Soul 12″ (No reason to bother with this except for the Theo Parrish remix, but it is excellent. I really like the return to the dancefloor he’s made in the last year or so. This is just no-nonsense deep Detroit beatdown with hints at techno, as we like it from Mr. Parrish. Those chords are sick.)

Everyday People Feat. Loretta Heywood : I Can’t Sleep – Earth Project 12″ (All three are very good and very different. One housey with a hint of broken beat, one downtempo in a very analogue Spacek way, the last with a devastating Afronaught beat and all the goodies you’d expect from him. This is one hell of a broken beat tune – just wish there was another version of this mix with the vocal too. Am I just imagining that it exists elsewhere?)

Mark Force : Running In The Red – Archive 12″ (Quality broken techno at a variety of speeds with a variety of different breaks. Pretty nutty. Not gaga over it, but definitely worth a thorough scan. Also still need to spend some more time with this one.)

Franz Ferdinand : Take Me Out – Morgan Geist Re-Version – Domino 12″ (More ultra-slow house grooves from MG. Like I said initially, this should appeal to the MG house of jealous lovers remix fans. The vocal is better on this though, and the remix really covers some territory while capturing the mood of the original. Also has a totally mad intro.)

Kerrier District : Kerrier District – Rephlex 3xLP (Some really brilliant moments on first listen, especially the first track. Need to spend more time with it. Obviously drowning in vinyl at the moment though.)

Monolake : Cern / White II – Monolake 12″ (Been out for a while on CD IIRC, but limited to 200 copies now on white vinyl. Buy now or regret it. Cern is brilliant future electro (sorta) stuff. White II is scary.)

Moodmusic Limited : Unreleased Vol.2 – Moodmusic 12″ (The b-side of this one has a pretty subdued, high-pitched acid line that comes in about 1/2-way through. Rather like it. The a-side is a bit aimless though.)

New Sector Movements : Sho You Right / Something – Goya Music Promo 12″ (Ultra-lush broken soul or R&B or whatever. Very big. Only listened once so far though.)

Osunlade & Nadirah Shakoor : Pride / Touched My Soul – Set 12″ (Repress. Up there with his best stuff.)

Recloose : Us Vs Us – Rush Hour 12″ (Very glad I decided to get this one. The Recloose mix should be exactly what fans of Recloose like, and the Kid Sublime mix almost reminds me of First Floor Metaphor ultra-slow (prolly 90bpm) house.)

Franck Roger : Mascarade – Versatile 12″ (Quality straight-through. Two house cuts, one broken beat. The A-side is the real stand-out but all three cuts = nice. B1 is a cool French take on West London broken beats.)

Arthur Russell : The World Of Arthur Russell – Soul Jazz 3xLP (Wow! Totally brilliant. You can count me as a fan now.)

Sequel : Neptune, Moon & Mars / Upsolid – Sonar Kollektiv 12″ (Can probably skip this one. The squelchy bassline sounds very nice at first, but there’s not enough funk in the variations to the bassline later on (they feel a bit forced and obvious), and the rest of it just doesn’t do anything that much more exciting than once it first reaches full-speed.)

Dani Siciliano : Likes… – !K7 2xLP (Growing on me. The best tracks are gorgeous and should absolutely appeal to fans of her previous stuff. It’s all pretty downtempo though, so you know. Surprised no one else is mentioning this yet.)

Siriusmo : Sirius EP – Sonar Kollectiv 12″ (This is only really worth it if you like the track ‘Cuba’ – the rest is a bit flakey IMO. However, ‘Cuba’ totally justifies the price in my mind. A dope-ass broken beat destructor.)

Skyy : First Time Around – Larry Levan Mix / Call Me – Salsoul 12″ (Crap, I totally forgot this is one of those tracks I lost my sh*t to when Theo Parrish dropped it @ DEMF 2000. Totally essential.)

$tinkworx : Whut / Yinmao / Mischa – Platinum Projects 12″ (Don’t sleep on this reissue. It’s excellent. Some bits of disco cut-up a la Cajual, but with loads of techy synth work on top. All-around great three-tracker – one of my favorites of this haul. All of the tracks evolve a ton, and none of it is easilly classifiable.)

Swag : Them Drums – Version Music 12″ (I like both sides. One’s rough, one’s deep. Both nice. Probably not essential, but nice. If nothing else, the a-side would make a wicked tool, and the B-side will fit well into lots of different sets.)

Martina Topley-Bird : I Still Feel It (Freaks / Jori Hulkkonen Remixes) – Independiente 12″ (This one is a bit cheesy, vocal-wise. Probably would not buy again, despite nice bits in the Hulkkonen remix.)

Zoltar : Story Of An Age / Wah Wah – Sonar Kollektiv12″ (Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from Domu at the moment on the broken beat side. The house cut doesn’t really do it for me though, as with most of his housier stuff. Perhaps a bit sacarine.)