New and Old: January 18,1999

This was my first recorded mix that I was really happy with. It covers some deep house, slower Detroit house, Detroit and European techno. Originally recorded on January 18,1999. Download here.

Theo Parrish – Sweet Sticky [PeaceFrog]

Urban Tribe – D2000 [Mo’ Wax]

Paperclip People – 4 My Peepz [Planet E]

D.S.L. – Soothe Your Soul [Chili Funk]

Roy Davis Jr. – Black River [Lazyboy]

Herbert – Going Round [Phono]

Smyglyssna – Insvept I Papper [Plug Research]

Vincent S. – Joyful Pool [Bigelow]

Midnight Drive – Remember Me? (Freaks Tunring Yellow Dub) [Classic]

YMC – F-Connection [Yoshi Toshi]

Cari Lekebusch – Omslaget Motiverat [Hybrid]

Wyndell Long – Still Photo [Elypsia]

Richard Bartz – The Traveller [Kurbel]

Mr. James Barth – Stealin’ Music [SVEK]

Clark – Clip [Planet E]

CRo2 – Can’t Let Go [Trace Elements]

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