Few more

A few more have been purchased since the last post:

Was, Not Was – Wheel Me Out [Antilles] (Laaaaaaaaaate)
Philus – Kolmio EP [Sahko Finland] (Late)
Koss – Ring 02 [Mule Electronic Japan] (stock problems last time around)
Ø – Rontgen EP [Sahko Finland] (Late)
Traxx presents The Dirty Criminals – Collision Between Us And The Damned [Gigolo Germany] (Late)
Monolake – Alaska Melting [Monolake Germany] (Late)
X Press 2 – Kill 100 [Skint] (Carl Craig remix)
Sundiata – Come Together [Back 2 Basics] (cheap find at the Beano’s closing down sale)

2 thoughts on “Few more”

  1. To comment on your ‘memory lane’ radio days…”Michael Jackson shot down…!” I stumbled upon you on google. You look the same, except for the facial hair…
    Your first girlfriend…

  2. Yay not aging! 🙂 How’s it going? Shoot me an email via the address on my site some time.