Full update on the Volcano/Bleep lineup impact

Full details, as on the Bleep43 website:

Volcano special

Sadly, Iceland’s geothermic fuck you to Europe in the shape of a volcanic cloud has pretty much decimated our original line-up for tonight which had included Mika Vanio, Donato Dozzy and Terrence Parker.

Mika Vainio had already cancelled due to illness, and his replacement Lerosa then had to cancel also due to a lack of flights from Ireland.

Terrence Parker then found out that his flight had been cancelled. We had fingers crossed for Donato Dozzy coming from Rome, but as the flight ban has been pushed to Saturday 0100 BST (at time of writing), he has now had to withdraw, too.

It’s as if the Scandinavian gods were punishing us for our steadfast refusal to book Adam Beyer.

Surgeon and other UK talent come to the rescue

However, we do think that we have worthy replacements for you, which will make this party all the more special. Surgeon rides to the rescue and will be playing a three-hour set. Bleep43 regulars will know that Tony Child has rocked our nights plenty of times before at Corsica Studios, and we are very happy to announce that he’ll be making an unscheduled appearance.

In our hour of need we have called upon local talent to help us out – people who have been on our short list for a while. We have Matt Chester playing a full hardware live set. Matt’s made waves with his 11th Hour recordings label. He’ll be joined by Charlie Bennett, who is a member of To The Bone, a London house/disco crew, and Uberdog, aka Ali Wade, who was behind the Overload forum and now runs Spannered.

Not everyone on the original line-up can’t make it. DJ Guy, Tristan Watkins and Bleep43’s Dan Bean and Toby Frith are London based, so their attendance is thankfully unaffected.

If you have bought tickets via We Got Tickets or Corsica Studios, you will receive an email from them at some point announcing the line-up change. This email will give you the opportunity to obtain a full refund should you wish no longer want to attend tonight.