Five Note Leo Groove

Note: track now removed. May re-emerge at some point.

Since not too long after finishing Nuba Tuba, I’ve been working on a new song. There’s been much disruption in the studio during this process, as I’ve upgraded my mixer and added a few other pieces of kit that I’m still getting to grips with. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been moving on to the arrangement of that track but on Tuesday night I decided to divert completely and write something new with the same sounds that I’ve been working with forever. To my surprise I “finished” something in two or three hours. On Wednesday night I revisited the mixdown and tidied up a couple of sloppy notes, etc, but basically just re-recorded Tuesday’s work.

I reckon this is far from my best track, but it’s an interesting result given that I intentionally thwarted all of my normal tendencies in the writing of it. Rather than thinking of it as a separate version or mix, it’s more precisely a “rewrite”. I left all of the sounds unaltered, save the tiniest of level/envelope tweaks. When I wrote it I started playing one part until I decided to stop. Then I played another part on top of it intuitively. And then the third and the fourth. There was some minor editing and quantising along the way, but the approach was completely linear, rather than assembled, and I didn’t really pay attention to an 8-bar structure other than once or twice. I certainly left it behind a few times. In short, I let my ears do the writing. It’s kind of sloppy and some things are rough but these are things that I normally omit and I’m fairly pleased with this antithesis. It sounds completely different to the still-unfinished original.

The result is more repetitious than my normal stuff, although the synthesis itself goes some way to conserving novelty over the fairly brief 4:15 duration. In the name of trying something new I thought I’d post it up here. Hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Five Note Leo Groove”

  1. I love this. And you did something I’ve liked doing — taking a track that I’ve fought to a standstill without completing it, deleting all the patterns and starting over.

    The only suggestion I’d have is to add some additional percussion — some rides and maybe an occasional crash, dropping the kick etc. But as it is it’s a very workable DJ tool track with a great vibe.

  2. Word. Glad you like it! I may do another version with more variance at some point but this was very much a quick effort. Think I’ll finish the original first though. 🙂

  3. Nice, mellow, groovy, and I dig the sounds. Could be beefed up as Kent mentioned, but even as-is the track is a lovely early morning number. Slightly moody. I’m imagining driving through fog while this is playing. It’s a bit quiet, but that could be my ‘listening’ setup at work. Glad you’re finding time to make music!

  4. Cheers Vince! Yeah, I think it is quiet. I’ve not done anything to normalise it. I probably should do because at least 1 db could be gained. I’m happy enough with the sounds that I may do another version of this one and the original track when I get the time.