Facebook quiescence

As those few people who have found me lurking in the Facebook shadows will know, I probably only log in to it about once/month, as I really don’t want to allow myself to get sucked in to social networking round III, but I had been mulling over some involvement there. As my friend Guy recently introduced me to the concept of Pages, I’ve gone and set myself up with one, which is primarily a feed of this site in the Facebook realm. I’m sure some unique content will emerge there eventually however. For now I’ve posted up the three very short videos of me DJing in Latvia from a few years back, as I didn’t have a video facility in my blog at the time and they were only posted in a zip. Anyway… if you fancy it you can add me here, but please take no offence if I don’t reciprocate, as I really can’t do social networking sites without thwarting all productivity/life, and I’m determined to spend a bit more time generating mixes, music and web content for my site (which will in turn appear in Facebook).