Antinomy I

This one’s a bit lengthy at just under three hours. Lots of house and techno along with some other bits. Unfortunately the second hour was probably a bit too ambitious, but hopefully it still stands up. 

2020 note: all mixes taken down for now to re-post at higher bitrate on Mixcloud in due course. If you’re at all keen for me to do this, please let me know and I will try and get anything specific you want to hear moved over ASAP.

Matthew Herbert – Nicotine (from Nicotine, short film) [Studio !K7]

Matthew Herbert Big Band Breathe [Studio !K7]

KossAir (MW Point 137E35 mix) [Mule Electronic]

Rondenion7 & 10 [Parker MusicWorks]

The MoleWhen It Tastes So Good, You Deserve It [Wagon Repair]

LowtecA1 [Workshop]

Reggie DokesBlack Children Of The Ghetto [Philpot]

IkeCluster Funk [Philpot]

Motor City Drum EnsembleFeel The Love [Four Roses Recordings]

Kelli HandHolding On [Third Ear Recordings]

Ibex Spiritual War [Third Ear Recordings]

Reggie DokesRain On Me [Philpot]

Keith Worthy Moon Dance [Third Ear Recordings]

Morphosis Baal [Morphine Records]

Arthur RussellArm Around You [Rough Trade]

Metro Area Soft Hoop [Environ]

Róisín Murphy Tell Everybody [EMI]

The Clash The Magnificent Seven [Sony]

Paul Johnson Hear The Music [Peacefrog Records]

Fabrice LigBump Bump [Versatile Records]

New Order Mr. Disco [Qwest Records]

Problem KidsI Will Lead (Hollway & Eastwick mix) [Paper Recordings]

Glenn Underground Disco Fusion [Defender Music]

Move DHeidelberg Gals (parts 1, 2 & 3) [Running Back]

Ron TrentJourneyn2u [Future Vision Records]

Mood Men feat Nina VidalWhy (A Gorgeous house mix) [CIMA Recordings]

DJ GregorySookoos [Defected]

Dave AjuOpen Wide [Circus Company]

Neil Landstrumm She-Ra (Extra Speaker Pop) [Peacefrog Records]

Exchange Bureau meets John Arnold Spookie Dookie [Third Ear Recordings]

Chateau Flight La Roquette [Versatile Records]

Kenny Larkin Bass Mode [Planet E]

Petar DundovRain (Echospace reduction) [Music Man Records]

Delano SmithTrans [Third Ear Recordings]

KadebostanCaracas Soul [Freude Am Tanzen]

Aroy DeeAll That Remains [M>O>S Recordings]

Tob JonaMetro 501 [a.r.t.less]

WbeezaLondon My Home [Third Ear Recordings]

Ben Klock Warszawa – Original Mix [Ostgut Ton ]

Jacek SienkiewiczMy Little Place [Cocoon Recordings]

PangaeaDeviant [Hessle Audio]