Another haul

It’s pay day!

Afronaught : Transcend Me / Outta Range (classic Broken Beat reissue)

John Arnold : Anaconda / Rough (pure funk with a thick beat)

Bola : Fyuti

Bola : Soup (how could I sleep on these for so long)?

C2C4: Specimen 1 and 2 (Moxie 03, Carl Craig’s re-edit of the Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime. Never noticed that the synth bloops throughout seem to dip and dive in pitch (in the sample itself). Weird).

Cosy Creatures : Freedom EP (Joshua-esque bassline-driven toon from Belgium on DJ Sneak’s ‘Oomph’. Also reminds me of Paper in it’s heydey)

DJs Collapse : Jaw Funk / Shinbone (Herbert + Mouse On Mars on Soundslike. Sounds like Ennio Morricone getting Herberted and Moused in the bassment. Weird)!

Domu & Volcov : The Last Of The Great Apes EP (Nice Titonton mix)

Titonton Duvante : Raunchy EP (More Titonton – very very nice)

Force Of Nature : Dark Nebula (very tech-y broken remix from Moonstarr)

Freedom Soundz Feat. Vanessa Freeman : Feelings EP (new from Alex Attias on Nepenta. Sick vocal. Flip also sounds great)!

Global Soul : Look Into Yourself (the Seiji mix has been caned @ Co-op for ages, which has an unusually full-on vocal for him. Never heard the Alex Attias mix before, but it’s wicked. An almost straight beat with a very broken vocal cut-up. Sounds nice)!

Infinity Plus One : Rhythmic Unison / Looking Like U Sound (sick, limited acid cut-up thing)

LFO : Sheath (YAY!)

Madlib : Madlib Remixes (dope remix of Gangstarr, haven’t heard the rest yet)

The Neptunes : Present… Clones (’bout time I got this, right)?

Nubian Mindz Feat. KJ : Casablanca (very different for them – quite housey)

PC Synergy : Madrugada EP (same label ‘Drenched’ as the Infinity Plus One release above – house chugger, seems really varied)

Pest : Chicken Spit (really nice instrumental hip hop thing on Ninja Tune, which apparently has a broken beat version as well. Very nice for the original, but took a chance on it in hopes the flip delivers too)

Prassay : Krvsin (DJ Gregory one-sider, reissued on Wall of Sound. Big)!

Scott Ferguson: ‘Gnosis EP’ (nothing ground breaking, but contains some nice slow groovers)

Spacek : Vintage Hi.Tech (the high praise this week seems to be completely deserved)

Steppah Huntah : Walk This Step (includes Seiji remix, which is surprisinlgly noodly for him. The original has a really tasty morphing bassline. Definitely worth checking)

32 Project : The Root Of World (mo’ Hiroshe Witanabe)

Truby Trio : Universal Love (wicked Detroity house remix from Ame on the flip)

Louie Vega : Nico’s Song / Africa/Brasil (beautifully musical, but never pisses on itself. For his son)

Various Artists : Radius EP 3 (one really nice Metro Area-esque track from the ’80s on this)

v/a – Headspace 2003 Sampler (all very nice. Well done boys)!