A few more new bits

Some stuff that I’ve only recently noticed is available digitally:

Chateau Flight – Discobole (Pepe Bradock remix) [Versatile]
Pal Joey – Chopsticks [Loop D’ Loop]
Pal Joey – Playtime [Loop D’ Loop]
Pal Joey – Spend The Night [Loop D’ Loop]
Pal Joey – Toi Et Moi [Loop D’ Loop]
Reggie Dokes – Release Yourself [Prime Numbers]
Robert Hood – Needs & Wants [Music Man]
Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind (Pepe Bradock dub instrumental) [Rapster]
Wareika – Belonging (vocal) [Eskimo]
Wareika – Men Village (Reboot’s Women City rework) [Connaisseur Superieur]

2 thoughts on “A few more new bits”

  1. just recently saw those Pal Joey digital releases too. that Roy Ayers – Pepe Braddock remix has been out there awhile though. That was 1 of my first digital buys when I got Serato.

  2. Nice! I keep missing the digital releases of things and then noticing entire catalogs emerging. Like Paper. No idea when I’ll get the time/money to catch up!