New track?

I’m at the point with this song where I either need to call it quits or call it done. Been working on it on and off for a year. Although I like the stuff I’ve come up with, I’m ultimately dissapointed because I suspect I’ll wind up sounding precisely like I always have, which has gained interested responses but hasn’t really left many people saying “yeah, that’s exactly what it should sound like”. Regardless, I’d like to have some suggestions. It’s the first song that has been close enough to done in two years to provide to the public, so I’m looking for any tips I can get to help me sound less like I do without reinventing myself. Obviously I go for a ‘maximal’ sound, and like to switch things around a lot, so basically I’d just like to know if anyone has good ideas about how I can accomplish that better, given this template. At best I think it’s just a matter of making it more DJ friendly, at worst I think it’s a matter of re-evaluating what I’m trying to achieve full-stop. Anyway, voila! Let me know your thoughts if you’ve got 7:15.

Happy Clapping