New choons

Last week from Piccadilly

Georg Levin : Heaven EP – 12″ (with RIMA remix. Really growing on me)
MF DOOM : Operation: DOOMsday – 2xLP (according to Piccadilly this is the final batch of these ever per licensing issues, so run don’t walk)
Omar S : 001 – 12″ (i.e. not AOS #1. Loving it BTW)
Patchworks Pres. Mister Day : Deep Ocean EP – 12″ (sounds a bit St. Germaine-ish, in a very good way. Some of the best Patchworks stuff I’ve heard)
Shed : Citylicker EP – 12″ (really good. His stuff keeps getting better)

And this week, 3 records with wicked titles from Piccadilly
Afx : Analord 05 – 12″
Brownstudy : Tell Me More About Bubbles – LP (Groovy Jason Hogans stuff)
Plant Life : When She Smiles She Lights The Sky – 4Hero / Interfearence Remixes – 12″ (I like the original on this one. Nice vocals)

And these from Juno
Crusho: Traffic Jam EP (Q Tape France) – 12″ (trying to order this for the third time, and I think this remix is better than the new three with Osunlade, etc BTW)
James Duncan : Night Tracks (Le Systeme US) – 12″ (Phwoar. Sounds like it’s probably his best yet)
Kid Sublime : Basement Works Volume 4 (Jahwell/Rush Hour Holland) – 12″ (Tasty Moodymann-esque action)
The Model : Robotiko (Traum Germany) – 12″ (RAVE!!!)
Cris Prolific : People (Versatile France) – 12″ (Bit of a hip hop and R&B departure on Versatile, but some sweet beats and inoffesive MCing)
Sleeparchive : Research EP (Sleeparchive Germany) – 12″
UND : Coccopuffs (Trapez Ltd Germany) – 12″ (Listened to loads of recent Trapez stuff last night and this was the only one I really felt I needed. That Xmas tack is the nuts)
Luke Vibert : Lovers Acid (Planet Mu) – 12″ The firs ttwo tracks sound excellent. The second almost like a YosepH meets Kerrier ting)
Wen / Een Tuell / Hendrik Luuk / Move D : Airbag Craftworks Compilation Vol 2 (Part 2) (Out To Lunch Germany) – 12″ (first David Moufang I’ve seen in years. Love his stuff. Cheers to Jason Brunton for the tip if he out there. The other tracks sound tasty too. Very deep, dubby and a bit of everything stuff)

…which nearly justifies the 3 hours I spent listening to clips last night. Brain-deadening.