New reviews

Juan Atkins – Fast Forward [New Religion]: Each of the four tracks as good as the last. I’m sure a favourite will emerge, but at the moment they’re all sounding great to my ears. I was pretty hyped about all the recent stuff (less so the one on Metroplex than the others), but this blows them away. Probably the best Juan Atkins release since ‘Deep Space’. Possibly one of the best records ever?

Claro Intellecto remix of Vector Lovers on Soma. Long, slow drawn-out techno.

The two B-side cuts on the new Vince Watson on Headspace are sick. The first is deep, slightly tracky techno, maybe reminding of Hood??? The second makes me think of mid-’90s Warpish techno. Really nice stuff.

Memory Foundation – Hot and Smokey ep on Central, for the last track. The other three all show some promise but don’t quite hit it. The last one does for sure though, with big chunky European beats beneath Detroity stabs. A nice combination.

Dirty Criminals – Organized Confuzion on Gigolo. About half the cuts on here are exactly like what you’d hope Traxx would put out. DIRTY acid with an EBM edge, plus enough Hyroglyphic Being throughout to not make it feel one-dimensional. TOUGH. I would love to see Traxx play this stuff…

Chicago Housing Commission 2 + 3. That ‘House is Mine’ whatever-it-is is dope. Does it sample the Hypnotist tune, or do they both sample something else? I like it plenty, at any rate. Also ‘Berlin’ on Volume 3 is a pretty cool noisy but reverby take on acid. Still haven’t heard more than one stand-out cut on any of these, but think both of these are worth the price.

DJ Yoav B – Boogie Down Saturn: Two Friday’s ago I forwarded to the part of ‘Clinically Inclined’ that featuerd this track to play it for my flatmate when I got home. 30 minutes later found myself on a spontaneous journey to Brighton to see Carl Craig, having been seized by techno. Can’t wait to hear this loud. Totally brilliant.

De La Soul – Grind Date (Included per J Dilla production): Some serious Motown edge to a lot of this. I think it’s the best album since ‘Stakes is High’ (which I rate as their best). Some people may think it’s too R&B in places, but if that won’t bother you I think this will float your boat.

There are some moments of production genius, that’s for sure. I fear the lyrical themes may be getting tired, but every time I hear a new De La they find a way to defeat that resistance after about 5 listens, so my hopes are high!

Pirahnahead – Dreams [Mahogani]: BIG house from a disco perspective. Seems a bit strange on Mahogani, but I can feel the Detroit in it, just like Amp Fiddler. Really like the big non-vocally bit in the middle, not so much because it doesn’t have vocals as because it’s just good. Can’t see myself playing it out, but can see myself dancing to it in the right set, if that makes any sense. Like I think Mike grant could play it well, but it would stick out like a sore thumb in one of my sets…

[Dead horse beating time] All that Shed stuff on Soloaction and Delsin. Not a bad cut yet, and most of them are wicked. Really digging some of the different directions on the Delsin one too.