Part V

It’s here! So who all is going? Remember if reading on my blog you can post comments here. This is both the lineup and my comments, and I’d love to know more about the peepz I’m asking about at the bottom:

Movement 2004 lineup


Alden Tyrell live

Amp Fiddler live

Barbara Preisinger

Biological Live

Camp Amp DJs

Claude Young

Cloud 9

Danny Krivit

Derek Plaslaiko

Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Saunderson



Louis Haiman

Madlib and PBW ft Jay Dee

Malik Alston Painted Pictures

Marques Wyatt


Mike Geiger

DJ Cosmo

DJ Genesis live

DJ Nova

Duplex Live

Ellen Allien

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Francois K

Garth Trinidad

Goldfinger (AML)

Greg Mudge

Groove Junkies

Heiroglyphic being


Jeannie Hopper

Joris Voorn live

Kai Alce

Kelvin Larkin

Kenny Larkin

Mike Grant

Mike Huckaby

Novamen Live dutch

Osunlade Live



Red Nose Distrikt

Reel People


Rockid (DMC Champion)


Ron Trent

Sean Deason


Stacey Pullen

Tortured Soul Live


I’m really excited about this lineup. The only fault I can see is there are quite a few repeat performers, but whatever. I don’t actually consider that a fault myself, just the only one I could sorta see. Here’s some peepz I’m really excited about:

Aardvark – Hope they put him on in the day somewhere. Could really dig that

Amp Fiddler live – the best act of last year makes his triumphant return!

Claude Young – finally!!!

Danny Krivit – duh

Derek Plaslaiko – word

Madlib and PBW ft Jay Dee – OMFG hip hop gone wild!

Malik Alston Painted Pictures – should be very tasty, anyone know what the Painted Pictures thing is all about?

Mike Geiger – impeccable selection every time I’ve seen him so far

DJ Nova – [313] old timer gettin’ his due. He seriously rocked a party with TP at the first DEMF and his radio shows were the bomb

Duplex Live – anyone seen Duplex live before?

Fat Freddy’s Drop – see my other post

Francois K – duh

Joris Voorn live – I hear nothing but great things

Kai Alce – Excellent. Not many other opportunities to see him yet

Kelvin Larkin – He rocked Iowa City about 5 years ago. Expect very good things

Kenny Larkin – He rocked Liverpool recently

Mike Grant – Hope he gets a chance to rock out in the sunshine for a hometown crowd

Mike Huckaby – ditto

Osunlade Live – Holy crap has he even done this before???

Recloose – Hope he gets some monitors this time

Red Nose Distrikt – Been looking forward to seeing them (or is it ‘him’ now) for quite some time

Rolando – He rocked Plzen recently

Ron Trent – One of my top 5 favorite house DJs

Sean Deason – More [313] timers doin’ good. 🙂

Stacey Pullen – Was much more on-form when I saw him last than he has been since ’97

Tortured Soul Live – Like Kent said

So who else should I be excited about? I know very little about Ellen Alien or Legowelt except that I trust many people who rate them. Am I imagining it or did Kevin Reynolds used to work for Transmat? Has he done something else too? Is Heiroglyhic Being at all related to Del? Is Rockid the business then? All these folks ring a loud bell too, but I dunno why.

Alden Tyrell live

Biological Live

Camp Amp DJs

Louis Haiman

Marques Wyatt

DJ Cosmo

Greg Mudge

Jeannie Hopper

Novamen Live