I also took ownership of the following gems

Chicken Lips : Re-Echoed Vol 1 – Meet Me At The Freezer – 12″ [Reissue. Big Chicken Lips acid 80s business]

Claro Intelecto : Section EP – 12″ [Tasty. No Piece of Mind on this one, but still nice]

Joe Claussell / The Songstress : Je Ka Joe / See Line Woman – 12″ [Had Je Ka Joe on recommendation for ages. Another cool reissue]

Directions : Busted Trees – Carl Craig Mix – 12″ [People seem to have mixed opinions of this one, but I think it’s pretty sweet]

DKD : Future Rage – 12″ [Seriously dope. This is going to destroy shit this year]

Joe Dukie & Fitchie / Fat Freddy’s Drop : This Room / Ernie (Live) – 12″ [New Zealand dub/soul hybrid stuff. Been diggin’ them loads since seeing them open for Recloose last year. These two are excellent]

Earth The Californian Love Dream : In The Garden – 7″ [Some indy 7″ thingy. Was a nice find at £2.49 new]

Matthew Herbert : On Your Feet EP – 12″ [New varied destruction. One track with Dani Siciliano. A few wonky, spastic Herbert house cuts]

R-Tyme : Use Me – 12″ [Rare reissue on Trance Fusion, a KMS subsidiary. Wicked MK and Carl Craig remixes]

Urban Culture : The Wonders Of Wishing – 12″ [Another old reissue from Carl Craig on Eclipse. Also sick]

Wildchild : Wonder Years – 12″ [Stones Throw hip hop with a really nice remix. Peanut Butter Wolf concocting some beautiful shit]

Various Artists : Reworked 2.2 – 12″ [Hip hop cheeky re-edits. Hoping to get 1 and 2 as well. This one has Pete Rock and CL Smooth, plus Tribe Called Qwest’s “Once Again”]