On Receipt

The AM Feat. Sky : Choose To Believe – Not the most stunning Mahogani yet, but very good none-the-less. Think it’ll be a grower.

Fabrice Lig : Meet U In Brooklyn – The A side is the one that does it for me, with chunky retro drum machines, huge claps and Fabrice style synths that strangely fit really well. An excellent departure, with all the Fabrice Lig character crammed in there still. The B side is good too, and a strange cross between UR stabs, disco strings and Metro Area synths. Must be heard for its balls and originality.

Meg : MGRMX – Haven’t had a proper chance to injest all of this yet, and to be honest the Theo track stands out so much, I don’t know that I’ll ever properly give the rest of it the attention it deserves. The Theo remix is easilly one of his best efforts ever. Unusually clean production for him, a good pressing, and gorgeous vocal treatments compliment some amazing instrumentation. This is pure beautty with a devastating groove. The one remix justifies the unusually low price (at least in the UK).

Various Artists : A Secret History – It’s an amazing presentation, down to those best-of-both-worlds, paper-on-the-outside, plastic-on-the-inside sleeves. I’m really happy to have an excellent pressing of Peut Etre Pas, Visgage, Problems D’Amore and the rest. Shamefully, I didn’t own any before, so this is both a unique offering, and a huge penny saver.

Various Artists : Iridite Productions Present Electron Music – Really like the whole thing. 4 tracks of tasty, big Detroit/Glasgow techno. On first listen, I think the last track is my favorite, but they’re all nice fo sho.

Various Artists : Sun Ra Dedication – The Myth Lives On – Late catching up on this one, but very happy to have done so. I think the Alex Attias (Mustang) version of Nuclear War is the stand-out for me so far, with the Vanessa Freeman version of Astro Black in close second at the moment, but can tell I’ll really need some time with this one.