Sean Deason’s “The Shit” Remix II

Just got that remix done. Worked on it from about 5-10, I guess… I really drilled down on this one and ironed out all the kinks. I’m really pleased with how it came together so far, but that could be a sleep deprived mind talking. I’m just happy I could exert this much effort to get it done without going crazy, because after that first three or four hours yesterday morning, I had a really clear idea of how it would work out. When I got back to it, I decided to write even more to push that idea further, but there was very little back-pedalling involved for once. It was a very straight trajectory, where the song laid itself out for me as long as I kept focused and didn’t wuss out. I don’t think this song would sound like it does right now had I not plowed through it full-speed.

Voila: ‘Deep Shit‘.